How To Defeat Reubenator In Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2 Reubenator is the final boss you must defeat in the final big mission named "Hollywood Ending." But this ultimate boss ...

The main story of Dead Island 2 ends with finding Dr. Reed. But there you will face a menacing mutant zombie of Dr. Reuben who caused all this catastrophe called the Reubenator. In Dead Island 2 Reubenator is the final boss you must defeat in the final big mission named “Hollywood Ending.”

But this ultimate boss fight is tricky since the boss comes with his strong companion zombies and is not only a mutated zombie but a blend of different apex variants like Crushers, Butcher, and mutator zombies makes him even more daunting. Feels problematic? Then don’t worry; this guide will make you finish the story mission easily.

Where to find Reubenator in Dead Island 2

Venturing into LA during the story, you must go to Hollywood Boulevard to complete the final mission, “Hollywood Ending.” When you find Dr. Reed in the Room next to the Re-aging clinic shop during the mission, discover a secret door underneath the desk and continue through it.

There you will find Dr. Reed, and after he turns into a mutant, you’ll encounter the boss, Reubenator.

How to fight Reubenator in Dead Island 2

What makes this final fight challenging is the variety of attacks of the Reubenator, making him more fearsome. He can act like a ground crusher, followed by powerful blasts. He usually damages with his melee attacks and recurring punches.

But the most devastating attack of this mutant boss is shooting bone darts as a projectile from his chest front. He also uses the forearm bone as a deadly spear.


Above all, the army of various types of zombies ranging from walkers to screamers and slobbers, emerging out of the tank simultaneously is scary and can overwhelm players.

Strategy to defeat Reubenator

The strategy to defeat the Reubenator is to maintain distance from him. It is because the Reubernator is very lethal only with close-range attacks in Dead Island 2. Use Guns more instead of melee weapons to take down the boss.

At this stage of the game, you must have the strongest weapons. Use Pistols, Rifles, Short guns, etc. The trick to winning the battle is to move quickly and dodge the attacks as many as possible. Follow the dodges by hitting on the boss immediately.

Aim your shots at the chest cavity of Dead Island 2 Reubenator since he originates his deadly attacks from here, and it gives off maximum damage to his health. The Reubenator has no weakness, so you can only resist the attacks by blocking or dodging the darts and blasts.

Use the best of your weapons and Fury mode to kill him easily when he is in low health. If you want to end the fight effectively, target the Reubenator and try to kill him immediately without caring for many other zombies in Dead Island 2. It is because the fight will be ended once the final boss is taken down.

Reubenator boss fight rewards

Upon defeating Reubenator in DI2, players will be rewarded with a sizable amount of experience points and rare loot drops, including an addition in the skill tab. This addition is of a new Numen slot for killing the Reubenator boss in Dead Island 2. This epic boss battle is worthwhile, giving players the satisfaction of conquering one of the game’s toughest challenges and the last mission.

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