How To Unlock Dead Island 2 Numen Skill Cards

The Dead Island 2 Numen skill cards grant your character special abilities in terms of fury skills. To get the...

The Dead Island 2 Numen skill cards grant your character special abilities in terms of fury skills. To get the slots to equip these cards, you must complete story mission 21. In short, Numen Skill cards are Fury-specific skills that can benefit you exponentially during your fights with the undead. As these Numen skill cards affect what your fury mode does in Dead Island 2, we will guide you on unlocking them.

How to get Numen skill cards in Dead Island 2

To get the slots to equip these cards, you will have to work through the story missions until you reach the primary story mission 21, known as “Search for The Truth” There Lola and her gang make you aware that you are, in fact, a Numen yourself.

However, remember that in the skill card section of Dead Island 2, you will have only “2 slots” for selecting the Numen skill cards you want to equip with your character. These skill cards will make you stronger at a particular expense in the game. The five Numens Cards that you can have in Dear Island 2 are:

Born Survivor

This Born Survivor Numen Card is just like an Autophage skill. After you unlock this numen skill card in the game, you can use it as your last resort when you die. It will give you a second chance to get back up and take out the surrounding enemies.

Using it creates a forceful explosion that drains all your fury. Furthermore, you can remove the nearby zombies and regain max health (23-25 percent) in Dead Island 2.

Glass Cannon

The Glass Cannon (Numen Skill Card) is beneficial in challenging situations where you are especially running low on health and must remove the undead. This Numen skill card unlocks after you reach a specific story mission (21) in Dead Island 2. This autophage skill will accelerate the critical damage you deliver to the undead foes.

Moreover, the lower your health goes, the larger the critical damage becomes, with the only downside being that it capitalizes on your toughness in Dead Island 2. So you need to be dead sure when using this Numen Skill Card, as it can be very useful in your fights.

Anger Mismanagement

If you are a fan of using the fury mode repeatedly in Dead Island 2, consider this Numen Card skill. Once you unlock this numen card later in the game, you can use it. This autophage skill will increase the duration of your Fury mode at the risk of draining all your life force (HP) when you use it.

On the other hand, staying longer in this feral mode will massively increase your attack output and allow you to take down zombies with relative ease. However, remember to pull out once your health gets too low, or you will risk becoming a complete zombie yourself in DI 2. 

Corpse Blossom

Corpse Blossom is one of the Numen Skill Cards you can unlock later in Dead Island 2. This numen skill card will serve as a detonation creator, as the zombies you slay with Fire, Shock, or Caustic damage will turn into bombs.

After that, they will denote a powerful explosion of that same damage type, cutting out the rest of the zombie slaying work for you. This numen skill card will come in handy when facing a large horde of zombies, and you can use it to clear the area with more powerful explosions in DI 2.

Seismic Stomp

If you are a fan of stomping skulls in Dead Island 2, equipping this Numen skill card will be worth it. The reason is that once you use this numen skill card, your skull stomps will become much more powerful.

Performing this action will unleash explosions that will affect your zombie enemies immensely. The closest to you will lose their stability and be inflicted with Bleed damage. So make sure that once you unlock this numen card in Dead Island 2, use it effectively in your fights.

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