Dead Island 2 More Than The Badge Quest Guide

More than the Badge is one of the endgame side quests in Dead Island 2 that is available after you...

More than the Badge is one of the endgame side quests in Dead Island 2 that is available after you finish the Search for the Truth main story mission. Once Jimmy takes control of Serling Hotel, you will be able to talk to him in the Mall on Ocean Avenue and accept Dead Island 2 More than the Badge side quest.

This is a late-game quest and requires you to move around the map. In this guide, we will be highlighting all the objectives and places you need to visit to complete this side quest.

Dead Island 2 More than the Badge walkthrough

The first objective of More than the Badge requires you to visit the parking area behind the coffee shop near Beancup and your objective will be updated to “fish for clues”, you just have to go near the iron gate and you will see a poster with a picture of Jimmy and you have to inspect it to complete the objective.

The moment you take the poster, several zombies will appear and one of them will be a screamer. You must defeat the screamer and obtain the incrementing clue the screamer drops.

According to that clue, your next destination will be MegaPark, find a white van and climb over it to reach the top of that small area where you will find another clue “Note to Jimmy” which will lead you towards Burger 66.

When you reach the nearest Burger 66, you will find a clue on the table and picking up the note will update your objective. Now you need to find the pass to complete the side quest. To do this you just have to explore the area around if you feel lost and eventually you will find Zack the Butcher.


You have to kill him to receive the pass and doing so will also update your objective and for the next step you need to travel back to Ocean Avenue. Inside the mall you will find some Apex Zombies and a fire Slobberer. Kill these apex zombie variants to progress in the quest and give Ava the security pass to turn off the alarm.

After that, you have to clear the hordes of zombies from both floors. Once done, go and talk to Jimmy to finish the quest.

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