Dead Island 2 Missing: Shane Quest Guide   

Dead Island 2 Missing Shane quest has you track down a lifeguard named Shane. This one has a happier ending than others. Here is how to do it!

In Dead Island 2, Missing Shane is an optional Missing Person quest that takes place in the Venice Beach area. Shane worked as a lifeguard at Venice Beach but then he suddenly disappeared without any prior notice. There will be a quest to find Shane on the Missing Persons board in Serling Hotel in Dead Island 2.

You are tasked with finding Shane for which you have to travel to Venice Beach, fight zombies, and collect notes that will lead you to Shane.  

As with many other Lost and Found Missing Person quests in Dead Island 2, Shane’s quest also does not actually result in finding Shane. Here is how to complete this quest.

How to find Shane in Dead Island 2

To start the Missing: Shane quest in Dead Island 2, you have to take down his missing poster from the noticeboard. Follow the steps mentioned below to complete this quest.  

Go to the Missing Person Wall 

To begin this quest, travel to the Serling Hotel and look for Shane’s missing person poster pasted somewhat to the left of the wall. If Shane’s poster is not present, make sure that you have completed the Coast Guardian side quest prior to starting the search for Shane. This side quest is necessary to unlock Shane’s Lost and Found quest.  

Once you have found Shane’s missing person poster, grab and read it to obtain your first clue. 

Fast Travel to Venice Beach 

Shane’s poster tells you that he was last seen at Venice Beach where he worked as a lifeguard so you will have to fast travel there and follow the red quest marker that appears once you are at the beach. 

Visit Lifeguard Hut 17 

The first clue you get is to travel to Hut 17 which is toward the South close to the Blue Crab Grill. It will be guarded by many zombies of various types so you need to take them out first. Then, disable the generator supplying electricity to a puddle outside the hut, and then search the hut.

In the hut, you will find the ‘Offer of a Lifetime’ note on the blue slab asking you to go to Hut 18.  

Visit Lifeguard Hut 18 

Your next clue is in Hut 18 which is guarded by another herd of zombies and can be reached by heading northwest from the previous hut. You have to take out all the zombies and collect two journals here namely the ‘Terrors of the Deep’ and the ‘From Whom the Nell Tolls’ journal.

The latter is collected from a zombie named Nell’s dead body after killing her. Nell’s note will ask you to head toward the Lifeguard Headquarters.  

Visit Lifeguard Headquarters  

Following the lead provided by Nell’s note, you need to go to the Lifeguard Headquarters in Santa Monica by first traveling to The Pier. After reaching the HQ, you will be greeted by many zombies but the only one you actually need to take down is TJ the Lifeguard, an Inferno Crusher Zombie.  

Kill TJ the Lifeguard  

TJ the Lifeguard is waiting for you in the garage at the back. He does not have many special attacks meaning he can easily be killed by any weapon of choice. You can get past other zombies in this area and then kill TJ to collect the ‘Barbara or Bust’ note from his corpse.

This note is Shane’s final note that will tell you that he has already escaped via a boat and saved himself from the zombies. Collecting this note will complete the DI2 Missing: Shane quest and you will be rewarded 2000 XP.

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