Dead Island 2 Missing: Rainier Quest Guide

In Dead Island 2, Missing Rainier has you track down a character of the same name and putting him out of his misery. Here is how to do it!

Dead Island 2 Missing Rainier quest is part of the Lost & Found quests that help you investigate several missing people in the game. In this quest, you must learn the fate of Rainier, a character who was last seen inside the Lab on Ocean Avenue. 

You can start the quest for Rainier by visiting the missing person board in Serling Hotel. However, you must complete your primary story campaign, as this mission will only appear afterward. Unfortunately, you cannot Fast Travel to the lab location, meaning you have to get there via the old-fashioned way. Here is what you need to do to reach there and what steps are required to free Rainier from his misery in Dead Island 2. 

Where to find Rainier in Dead Island 2 

To complete the missing Rainier quest in Dead Island 2, you must first collect some evidence for the case and then find him using it. 

Step 1) Make your way toward the Lab 

You must travel to the Northwest part of Ocean Avenue to reach the Lab. You might have already visited this Lab during The Search for Truth quest during your main story gameplay. At the entrance, you will face several zombies. Be sure NOT to use weapons that deal fire damage since these enemies are resistant to it.

You need to make use of your other weapons and melee skills to eliminate the horde of zombies before making your way toward the main hall.  

Step 2) Eliminate the Fire Boss 

Several enemies will leap toward you as you enter the hall. You need to take care of them, and one such enemy provides a much-needed note that takes you to the next destination of this quest.  


The enemy is marked as Firestorm Slobber. You must eliminate this boss but be cautious, as its fire attacks are powerful. Kill the enemy to collect the note from its body and move to the next place. 

Step 3) Reach Hollywood Boulevard 

The note points you toward Hollywood Boulevard location and takes you inside the Metro Station in Dead Island 2. You must follow the red marker to reach the station’s lower level. There you will encounter multiple enemies, and you must eliminate each one.  

You can also hear Rainier talking from behind a Red Door in the same area. You can only initiate the conversation with him if you finish off all the nearby zombies. The conversation will last one or two sentences, and then you will have to find the key that unlocks Rainier in Dead Island 2. 

Step 4) Investigate the area for the Key 

The red marker makes it easy to search the area for the Key. You must reach the Utility Room and find an Incident Report there. The report indicates that another zombie named Lenny holds the key that will set Rainier free in the game. 

You can head out of the room and take a quick left, moving down the stairs to find Lenny lying on the ground. You must put an end to this zombie and its pawns before collecting the key and making your way back to Rainier. 

Step 5) Eliminate Rainier 

This step is sad as, after all the struggle, you get to know that Rainier has turned into an ugly-looking zombie in Dead Island 2. You need to put the poor soul out of misery, and with his death, your Dead Island 2 Missing Rainier quest comes to an end. 

However, all this hard work will not go in vain, as you receive 2,500 XP and several other items from inside the room after completing this quest. 

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