Dead Island 2 Creature Comforts Quest Guide

One of the missions you get from Curtis Sinclair in Dead Island 2 is the Creature Comforts quest. In this mission, Curtis makes some ...

One of the missions you get from Curtis Sinclair in Dead Island 2 is the Creature Comforts quest. In this mission, Curtis makes some rather awkward requests to you. Your first encounter with the character is in The Death of the Party side mission, where you save him and loot his house, forcing the old man to move to Emma Jaunt’s Mansion in Bel-Air.

To unlock this, you must complete Amanda Styles’s mission, #Clickbate, in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Creature Comforts mission walkthrough

On meeting Curtis, he tells you he is all out of alcohol and asks you to get him some high-quality liquor. As such, Curtis tasks you to get the 18-Year-Old Ardkillin Wiskey from Colt’s house and a bottle of vintage wine from the GOAT Pen.

Let us look at how to fulfill both requests.

How to get the Ardkillin Whiskey

Colt’s house is the mansion directly opposite Emma Jaunt’s mansion, so finding it is not an issue. Just in case, here it is.

Enter the mansion and head into the kitchen in Dead Island 2. Here, you will find the Ardkillin Delivery clue on the counter, saying that the Whiskey is in the wine room. From the kitchen, follow the objective marker into the wine room for the next clue, the Last Call. The last bottle of Whiskey is in the guest room, and you need to go and get it.

The door to the guest bedroom is on the first floor inside the mansion. It is locked when you get to it. To enter the room, you need to circle the mansion from outside to the west side of the mansion. After that, you can enter the room through the window in Dead Island 2.

Entering here is unsafe, as this entrance is a blood trap. At the entrance, a trip wire is attached to a shotgun, and activating the trap will unload lead hell on you, so tread carefully. Inside, look in the closet for Cindy’s Safe. To unlock this safe, you will need to find the key. Picking the clue in front of the safe will spawn a new zombie in the mansion.

Unlock the door leading inside the mansion, and descend into the museum of the mansion. Here, you find the zombie “Colt’s Gal Cindy” in Dead Island 2. Cindy is a screamer zombie, and these zombies can stun you by screeching loud noises while attracting other zombies to them.

After you kill Cindy, she will drop Cindy’s Safe Key, which you need to unlock the safe and get the Whiskey. Head back to the guest room above, unlock the safe to get the 18-Year-Old Ardkillin Whiskey, and complete the first part of the mission.

How to get the Vintage Wine

GOAT Pen is south of Emma Jaunt’s Mansion and is the large white mansion you see at the corner of the street.

As you enter the GOAT Pen, head for the kitchen. To open the door to the wine room, you need to find the GOAT Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2.

For details on how to get the keys, you can check out our GOAT Pen Master Keys guide. For a summary, you need to head down to the bowling alley, where you need to find and kill the zombie holding the keys.

With the keys, head back up and unlock the door. Head in to get the Vintage Wine named Maison Sang-Vivant. Unfortunately, as you enter the wine room, you also trigger an alarm and cannot avoid this in Dead Island 2. The alarm will attract a horde of zombies on you, and your next objective Is to clear the GOAT Pen of all the enraged zombies.

After that, Curtis calls you and asks you to grab a box of Cuban Cigars in Dead Island 2. Curtis will tell you himself that the cigars are in the master bedroom of GOAT Pen.

Head upstairs to the master bedroom. You first find a Weighted Perk when you enter the room. From here, kill the zombie and enter the closet on your left. The cigars are in the closet, ready for taking.

Finishing Creature Comforts

With the 18-Year-Old Ardkillin Whiskey, Maison Sang-Vivant vintage wine, and the Premium Cuban Cigars in your possession, all that’s left to do is to deliver these to Curtis Sinclair.

Head back to Emma Jaunt’s mansion and get to Curtis Sinclair. Give all the items to Curtis to end the mission and get your rewards in Dead Island 2.

For completing the Creature Comforts side mission, you get 3000 XP and Curtis’s rifle, the Peggy Rifle (Superior variant).

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