Best Slayer To Choose In Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 offers up 6 characters to choose from so it can be difficult to decid who is the best Slayer to use but we are here to help.

Similar to the previous games in the series, Dead Island 2 presents players with the option to select their character, or Slayer, at the start of the game. Whichever character you pick will be yours till the end and there is no way to switch without starting over. So for that reason, it is good to know who is the best Dead Island 2 character to start off with.

Dead Island 2 Best Slayer

We would recommend starting off Dead Island 2 with either Jacob or Dani. Jacob is more of an all-rounder with good stats in pretty much every category but he lacks Resilience. Not that you will need much resilience considering he has the highest Peak Health in the game.

The rest of Jacob’s stats also end up complementing his jack-of-all-trades playstyle. If you struggle to aim your attacks properly and just prefer to spam away, Jacob also benefits from that as his damage increases with spam attacks.

Dani on the other hand is more of a powerhouse, charged up on energy drinks and alcohol quite literally. Dani has the highest stamina in Dead Island 2 so you can perform heavy and special attacks or dodge and block with ease.

Her health recovery is the lowest but you won’t have to worry about that as she heals upon killing multiple zombies rapidly. Her Thunderstruck Innate Skill also releases a shockwave that staggers nearby zombies whenever she lands a heavy attack.

All available characters in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 features a total of 6 selectable Slayers on launch. As mentioned before, each character has their own playstyle and personality so each playthrough should feel fresh.

While most of the Skill Deck cards are universal, there are some that can only be used by certain characters allowing for deeper customization if you chose those characters to play DI2.


Dead Island 2 best slayer

The main star of pretty much all the promo material for Dead Island 2, Jacob snuck aboard the plane similar to Dani but he used the landing gear to climb instead of hiding in a trunk. Jack provides the most balanced experience and is recommended for beginners.


Dead Island 2 Amy

A Paralympic athlete with the highest agility in the game so suited for those who like to run around and avoid danger instead of fighting all out with the zombies.


The real fighter or brawler among the Slayers with the highest Resilience and the ability to get a Toughness boost when at low health.


A pothead who managed to trick the authorities and got on the plane by stealing someone else’s QR code for the seat reservation.


Dead Island 2 best character

A heavily inked-up woman snuck on board the plane by hiding herself in a large trunk in the cargo hold.


Portrayed himself as a firefighter to get a seat on the ride out of LA.

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