Dead Island 2 Curveballs Locations Guide

In Dead Island 2, Curveballs are throwable items with different effects from explosions to baiting zombies. Here is where you can get them!

Dead Island 2 Curveballs are your go-to items during clutch moments in the game. These are throwable weapons. A total of 13 Curveballs exist in Dead Island 2, and each one functions differently. So knowing all the Dead Island 2 locations is important.  

These Curveballs allow you to tackle most situations in the game. You can inflict a status effect on your enemies using these unique balls. They can especially be useful against annoying bosses in Dead Island 2, such as Butcha the Clown.  

Some of these Curveballs deal pure raw damage while others blind the enemies, making them immobile and creating an opportunity for a counterattack. You can acquire all these powerful Curveballs by visiting different NPCs and completing certain quests in Dead Island 2. 

All Curveball locations in Dead Island 2 

Curveballs are acquired via quests in the game, talking to NPCs, and picking them up from different locations. To help you in this regard, we have tracked down each Curveball and wrote how you can get them.

Meat Bait  

The Meat Bait is the first Curveball you can acquire in Dead Island 2. To get it, you have to pay a visit to a trader named Carlos. Make your way to the Bel-Air area to find the Trader and the item.  

This Curveball is perfect to handle the basic zombies like the Walkers and Shamblers. Once you throw the Meat Bait, it will explode to create a distraction with meat and blood. Since zombies are attracted to both things, your enemies will rush toward the explosion area, allowing you to land hits on them freely. 


For the second Curveball in Dead Island 2, you just have to Fast Travel to the Halperin Hotel region. From the load screen, move straight, and you will find the Shuriken stuck on a car.  

With this Curveball, you can fire up to three shurikens in a single attack to deal maximum physical damage to your enemies in the game. 

Chem Bomb  

The Chem Bomb is the third Curveball that you will find in the game. You can acquire it while going through Halperin Hotel to fight Becki in Dead Island 2. As you go to fight her, you will find a tunnel made up of luggage you will have to crouch through. Right after crossing the tunnel, you will find the Chem Bomb on the ground. 

Chem Bomb is a great item to utilize when surrounded by multiple zombies. The Curveball deals AOE damage to all zombies within a specific radius. Additionally, the release of chemicals from the bomb causes a Soggy and Traumatized effect on every enemy. 

Pipe Bomb 

Fourth Curveball in Dead Island 2 is the Pipe Bomb, and you can quickly get this item by moving toward the checkpoint between the Monarch Studios and Beverly Hills. You need to explore the area and look left to find the item. 

This Curveball is a kind of grenade that explodes after a specific period and deals AOE damage to all enemies. 

Electric Star 

The Electric Star is a Curveball you can only obtain after concluding the Michael Anders and the Holy Grail quest in Dead Island 2. This quest takes place in the Monarch Studio. While heading toward Beverly Hills, you will find this Curveball stuck to a warning sign poster. The poster is located at the Water Treatment plant gate, so it is not hard to find this item. 

With the Electric Star, you can deal shock damage and electrified ailment on the zombies. 

Molotov Cocktail 

For the sixth Curveball, the Molotov Cocktail, you must explore the top area of Brentwood Sewers in Dead Island 2. After a few stairs, you will find the item on a wooden table.  

You will throw this Curveball toward your enemies which will cause it to get scattered and causes AOE damage. With this Curveball, you deal fire damage and initiate the ignited ailment on your zombies. Helping you burn the zombies to a crisp in the game. 

Caustic-X Bomb 

The Caustic-X Bomb is a Curveball that hides inside a side quest in Dead Island 2. To get your hands on this item, you must go through the trouble of completing The Rav-ages of Caustic X quest. You can pick this quest from the Halperin Hotel in the game. 

Caustic-X bomb features make all the trouble in the side quest worth it, as you can deal caustic damage to zombies. This bomb has a timed trigger and causes AOE damage. 

Sticky Bomb 

For this Curveball, you need to pay a visit to a Trader named Dougie in Death Island 2. The Trader sells Stick Bomb for $1,500 and is found inside the Serling Hotel. 

The Sticky Bomb is an item that sticks to different objects in the game. If it gets attached to a zombie, it will explode immediately, and if there are no enemies, the bomb goes off after a specific period. 

Military Grenade 

Another Curveball that you can acquire as a reward for completing a specific side quest in Dead Island 2. You must complete the “Boz Makes a Bang” quest for this item. This quest will only become available if you obtain the Casutic-X bomb by completing the mission associated with Rav-ages. 

The military grenade is a contact-type explosive that deals massive AOE damage within a specific radius. 


The Flashbang is a Curveball you can get by completing another side quest called “Cremains of the Day” in Dead Island 2. This quest will take you through Venice Beach, and at the end of it, you will get the opportunity to buy this item for a cost of 2,500 from a Trader known as Rodriguez. 

Flashbang is a timed trigger Curveball that you can utilize to inflict traumatized ailment on every enemy present within the range of the radius. Moreover, you can take down the zombies present in the mid of an explosion with much more ease as they lose all their protection against your attacks. 

Nail Bomb 

For the Nail Bomb Curveball, make your way toward the Thalia Residences in Dead Island 2. These houses are present on Ocean Avenue. Once inside the residence, move to the second floor to find this Curveball from the inside of a room. Surprisingly, this is the only accessible room in the entire building, making it easy to identify your target. 

This Curveball is a timed trigger device, and it helps you to inflict bleed damage and initiate the bleeding ailment on your enemies within a specific radius. This AOE attack is strong, and you can rely on this to eliminate several enemies. 

Bait Bomb 

The Bait Bomb is a Curveball you can purchase after completing the 21st main quest in Dead Island 2. After the quest, Dougie, the Trader, will sell you the item for $3,500. So after completing the quest, reach the Serling Hotel to get the item. 

This Curvevall is again a time-trigger item that works in two ways. Firstly, contact with the surface will lure the zombies toward it as it produces meat and blood. After a while, the core will explode, dealing high damage to all the nearby zombies. 

Electric Bomb 

Electric Bomb is the last Curveball you can find in Dead Island 2. After concluding a specific side quest, you can find this Curveball on Venice Beach. This side quest leads you to Jo’s Secret Stash, and from here, you get the Electric Bomb in the game. 

The Electric Bomb explodes upon contact and deals shock damage to all the enemies. Additionally, the zombies also receive electrified ailment if they stay within the AOE radius of this Curveball. 

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