Dead Island 2 It Came From Monarch Studios Quest Guide

In Dead Island 2, It Came From Monarch Studio has you search for an NPC named Sebastian. Here is how to find him and complete the quest!

Like other interesting side quests in Dead Island 2, It Came from Monarch Studio is also another side quest, that is more like the “Lost and Found” extra mission. In this, you have to find a person named Sebastian. He is a friend of Sarah Sheppard. This mission becomes tricky because of a bunch of zombies getting attracted toward you while completing the mission objectives.

Read our guide to help in completing all the objectives of this side quest. 

How to start It Came from Monarch Studio side quest 

To unlock the “It Came from Monarch Studio” side quest, you must have completed the “The Giant Slayer” as a prerequisite. After doing so, go inside the Blue Crab Bar and listen to the radio on which Sarah Sheppard is asking for help.

She will tell you that she needs assistance in finding her missing friend Sebastian who went to Monarch Studio. Fast Travel to the Monarch Studio using the map, which is the first objective of the quest, and this will unlock the quest. 

Dead Island 2 It Came From Monarch Studio walkthrough

To complete this side quest, you have to go through a series of objectives and finish them step by step. The objectives are as follows: 

Get To to Monarch Studios 

Fast travel to Monarch Studios or take the old-fashioned route by walking here. The choice is yours but fast travel saves time.


Scan the gas station set for signs of life 

Find Sarah at the station at the spider set inside is a green outdoor set. She will be frightened by the group of zombies surrounding her. Save her by killing zombies. 

Hostile infestation! Kill ’em all! 

These Zombies include a group of various apex zombies like Burning Runners, Incendiary Walkers, and an Inferno Crusher. To slay them, using guns is the best option. Aim for the headshots and explode the explosive material to deal maximum damage.

Tell Sarah Sheppard that you come in peace 

Talk to Sarah and after she tells you about his missing friend and his noisy robot. Embark on to the journey to find him by grabbing the little beeping DD-09. 

Take DD-09 and explore Sound Stage 3 for Sebastian

Since the DD-09 attracts the zombies due to its noise, plant it behind the electric puddles and kill all the incoming zombies with the best weapons you have. 

Defend Sebastian from the zombies 

After reaching Sebastian by listening to his call along with the DD-09, clear the area and save him by slaying all the zombies in Fury mode

Return DD-09 to Sebastian 

After Killing all the zombies around him, make sure he is safe. Then return his bot to him by placing DD-09 on a table near the blueprint bag. 

Talk to Sebastian

Have a final conversation with Sebastian via the radio. This will end the side quest here. After that, you will be rewarded. 

You will earn 3000 XP and the powerful weapon Cremator Zombie Axe. You will also get a Skill Card Street Brawler

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