Dead Island 2 Fool’s Gold Quest Guide   

The Dead Island 2 Fool's Gold is a lost and found quest that rewards you with a legendary weapon, a weapon upgrade and more. Here is how to do it!

The Lost and Found Weapon quests provide players with exceptional weapons in Dead Island 2 that are otherwise missed if only the main storyline is played through. One of these six Lost and Found Weapon quests is the Dead Island 2 ‘Fool’s Gold quest’ that rewards players with the ‘Blood Rage’. This is a legendary headhunting weapon ideal for close-range combat.  

The Fool’s Gold Quest begins at Venice Beach where players are tasked with finding two cryptic clues. These will lead them to the location of the chest containing Blood Rage. These clues can be hard to find but we have explained all the steps you need to follow in order to complete this quest.  

Dead Island 2 Fool’s Gold walkthrough 

The Fool’s Gold Quest takes place at the Pier of the Venice Beach and it commences only after you take down a Crusher Zombie. 

Go to the Pier 

The first step toward beginning this quest is to go to the Pier at Venice Beach. It can be done by fast traveling, and from there you can make your way to the Lifeguard Headquarters. This is where you will get your first lead through a trader.  

Go downstairs and you will encounter a Crusher Zombie that goes by the name Dante. Dante is your starting point to begin the Fool’s Gold Quest.  

Kill Dante the Crusher Alpha 

Take Dante down and collect a note from his dead body which will lead you towards your next objective. Killing him is a piece of cake as his slow speed and lack of powerful attacks make him an easy enemy. Pick up the ‘Totally Legit Letter’ from his dead body and the marker for the quest will appear on your screen. 


Go to Randy’s Locker 

The letter picked up from Dante’s dead body will point you towards Randy’s locker and you will need to loot it.  

To get to Randy’s locker, you need to interact with the metal lockers in the gym. You can reach this area by going back and then taking a right. In the locker, you will find the ‘Deep Shit’ Journal. It will talk about a hidden weapon, half a code, and two locations mentioned in a cryptic way. You need to visit both these locations, and collect the rest of the code, and only then the weapon can be found. 

Find Dante’s burner phone 

The letter from Randy’s locker mentions going for “frozen yogurt down the alley by the stores” which is actually the location of Dante’s burner phone. This is deciphered as the Merry Go-Round Café which serves frostees and frozen yogurt.  

To reach this café, go to Luigi’s Pizzeria and go past the restaurants till you find the said café. At the left of this café, you will see an alley where Dante’s burner phone is hidden in the trash. Pick up the burner phone called the ‘Flaws in the Plan’ which will reveal that the third number for the code is 37. 

Find Randy’s burner phone 

After finding Dante’s burner phone, you need to get your hands on Randy’s burner phone. This will provide you with the last missing number for the code.  

The clue for Randy’s burner phone in the Deep Shit letter was to “Get some ice cream by the wheel”. This points toward the ice cream shop in front of the Ferris Wheel. 

Go to the Pier and look for the ice cream shop with a clown on it. After spotting the shop, go behind it and you will see a bench with the desired burner phone on it. It will be called the ‘Meeting of the Minds’ and reading it won’t directly mention any specific missing numbers from the code. However, just acquiring this journal is enough to open the buried safe with the Blood Rage. 

Find the buried chest 

Now that you have all the clues needed to open the lock, the final step is to find the safe in which the weapon is hidden. This locked safe is buried in sand and is guarded by a number of zombies. 

To get to this safe, go to the Lifeguard Headquarters, and turn to the little sandy alley on the right. Kill all the zombies you see here and then dig for the buried safe with your rewards in it.  

After opening the safe, you will be rewarded with 

The Blood Rage dagger is a headhunting weapon that is perfect for delivering high damage to zombies’ heads. Once the rewards mentioned above are collected, the Dead Island 2 Fool’s Gold quest comes to an end.  

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