Dead Island 2 Blood Rage Location: How To Get

In Dead Island 2, the Blood Rage is an awesome looking dagger with great bleed effects. Here is the process of getting it in the game!

The Dead Island 2 Blood Rage Dagger is a legendary weapon that will allow you to make lightning-fast attacks against your enemies in the game. Not only does it boast impressive stats, but it also looks badass as well. 

As you may expect, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park to get your hands on the Blood Rage dagger. You have to put in some effort to collect this powerful weapon.  

But to help you, we have gone ahead and written down the exact process of getting the Blood Rage Dagger in Dead Island 2. All you have to do is simply follow it and you’ll get it. 

Dead Island 2 Blood Rage legendary dagger location

There are particular things that you must complete to get your hands on the Blood Rage Dagger. Usually getting legendary weapons involves completing some kind of quests so. For the Dagger, you have to start the Dead Island 2 Fool’s Gold lost and found weapon quest by eliminating a zombie. 

Step 1) Kill the Crusher Zombie 

Make your way toward the Santa Monica Pier area and head straight toward the Lifeguard Headquarters. You will find several zombies in this area, but you’re looking for one particular zombie named Dante.  

You can find Dante next to a yellow truck. Kill him to start the “Fool’s Gold” quest that rewards you with the Legendary Blood Rage Knife in Dead Island 2. 

Step 2) Unlock the locker 

From Dante’s body, collect all the dropped items, including the keys to the locker. The locker is located in the same building. Get inside the building and turn right toward the lockers. Unlock the locker to find a note that will provide information regarding a buried safe.

Yes, you have guessed it exactly, your treasure is buried in it, but first, you must find the scattered codes to unlock the safe. 

Step 3) Collect both pieces of the code 

For the first part of the code, you have to travel Northwest from the headquarters toward the end area of the pier. Behind the ice cream shop, you will find a small alley with a wooden bench and a beautiful ocean view. 

Rush toward the bench and collect the first piece of code. Now you must collect the second piece by heading Northeast from your location. 

You will find the second half by investigating the area near the garbage tank. Within all this garbage, you will discover Dante’s Burner phone. The phone contains the other missing codes. With both items in your hand, you are ready to unlock the buried safe to collect Dead Island 2 Legendary Blood Rage Knife. 

Step 4) Move back to Lifeguard HQ 

Toward the South side of the Lifeguard HQ, you will find the buried safe in the middle of the sand path next to the fences. However, before digging the knife, you must take care of all the surrounding zombies. Do so and unlock the safe to get Blood Rage Dagger/Knife in Dead Island 2. 

What makes the Dead Island 2 Blood Rage Dagger legendary? 

The weapon is a looker, and with its proper use, you can do massive damage to any zombie unfortunate enough to come across you that day. Each strike deals bleeding damage, and the infectious perk takes the potential of this weapon to the next level. 

Both these perks allow you to inflict the bleed effect on a whole group of zombies by just attacking one of them.  

The Superior Meele Puncturator comes with the Blood Rage Knife, and it also ensures that you get a boost in your agility after every kill. Moreover, the Puncture Wound with this legendary dagger increases your critical hit damage, making the bleed effect much more potent in Dead Island 2. 

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