Dead Island 2 Emma’s Wrath Location: How To Get

In Dead Island 2, Emma's Wrath is a legendary sledgehammer that will crush zombies like no one's business. Here is how to get it!

Dead Island 2 Emma’s Wrath hails from the family of legendary weapons in the game. Weapons like these make you a zombie-killing machine and make quick work of anyone and anything. Each hit from this legendary Sledgehammer does substantial damage to the target. 

Emma’s Wrath is considered by many to be the best weapon in Dead Island 2. There are several reasons for this, the massive damage it does being one of them. 

Being a melee weapon means that you can clear all the surrounding zombies with just a few strikes.

Luckily, you can obtain Emma’s Wrath comparatively easier than other legendary weapons in Dead Island 2. Simply continue with the main story and you will get it. 

How to get Emma’s Wraith in Dead Island 2 

Unlike other legendary weapons, it is quite easy to get Emma’s Wrath. All you have to do is play and finish the primary campaign in the game.  

After the completion of the Hollywood Ending quest, you will receive this legendary weapon as a reward. However, in the pursuit, you do have to defeat the Mutator final boss, Specimen: Noah along with tons of zombies.  

From the boss’s location, you must make your way toward the Helicopter and help Sam by stopping Emma from killing him. Sam will reward you with Emma’s Wrath Sledgehammer, and you should stay on the island to complete your work. 

Now you will have the legendary Sledgehammer in your hand to pop open zombie skulls in Dead Island 2. Make use of this weapon in your remaining playthrough to enjoy every bit of its power. 

What makes Emma’s Wrath legendary 

The Superior Melee Impactor Mod on Emma’s Wrath allows you to enjoy a boost in your force and physical damage. You can inflict the Traumatized effect on zombies by hitting them multiple times in a single go. Now hit these traumatized enemies to see them flying around and causing damage to anything they made contact with. 

For the Emma’s Wrath perks, the Overkill allows you to counter the enemy and fire a shotgun from the hammer in the game. This will deal enormous damage to the zombies unlucky enough to face you that day. 

The other perks include the Shockwave and Guardian. With the former, you can knock down zombies, causing them to explode on the impact. While the latter increases your Toughness against zombies. So all these features make Dead Island 2 Emma’s Wrath definitely worth having in the game. 

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