Dead Island 2 Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Quest Guide 

In Dead Island 2, Jo's Rainy Day Stash quest takes you to a loot cache containing a powerful weapon and we can help you find it.

Dead Island 2 is exactly what you want from a post-apocalyptic zombie world; enticing quests, interesting lore, and plenty of zombies to kill. The quests in the game are challenging and keep you entertained throughout your survival journey in Dead Island 2. One of these quests that you will stumble across will be Dead Island 2 Jo’s Rainy Day Stash quest. 

If you are interested in this quest then we have got you covered on how to complete Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Quest in Dead Island 2. 

Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Quest Walkthrough Dead Island 2

In this particular quest, you will be tasked with exploring Jo’s shops first. There you will end up finding various clues like his journal and keys which will eventually lead you to Jo’s stash at the end. Unlocking this stash will earn you a new weapon along with XP which you can make use of later in DI2. 

Step 1: Pick up the journal in Jo’s Rental 

To do this you will need to head over to the Venice Beach. There you can find Jo’s Shop which will have a funny shark poster upfront saying, “Jo’s Rentals”. Apart from this, there will also be a funny-looking surfer shark’s mascot upfront so the shop wouldn’t be too hard to miss. 

Now, you can enter the shop using two methods. The first one would be by simply breaking and entering through the window on either side of the door. However, it will raise the alarm alerting nearby zombies.

The second way would be to target the yellow alarm first above the door and take it out with a throwable weapon. After that, you can break the window and enter the store without the alarm going off.  


Once you enter the shop proceed to the counter at the end, and on the left side next to the cash register you will find Jo’s Secret Stash. You can collect it after which Jo’s Rainy Day Stash quest will be made available for you. Keep in mind that this step is vital for you if you want to start Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Quest in Dead Island 2. 

Step 2: Collect Jo’s Staff Room Key 

Now if you head over to the counter on the right side and go through Jo’s drawers you will find Jo’s Staff Room Key. Take it, exit the shop, and make your way over to the other Surf and Skate Rental shop to pick up the journal from there in DI 2.  

Step 3: Head over to the Surf & Skate Rental Store

dead island 2 jos rainy day stash

Once you enter the shop make your way to the counter and there you will find Jo’s Beloved Baby next to the cash register as well.  

The Beloved Baby is a nickname that Jo gave to his red truck. After you are done collecting the things from the shop, you will be tasked with finding Jo who has turned into a zombie. You will need to dispatch the poor sod and then secure the journal from his zombie corpse. 

Step 4: Kill zombie Jo and collect the Secret Stash key

The named zombie shouldn’t be that hard to find as Jo will be in the backlot of the skate store. He will be wearing a yellow and white jersey and will be feasting on the meat on the ground. Light him up and then you can collect Jo’s Final Farewell, which so as it happens will be Jo’s journal. You will also get Jo’s Secret Stash Key from there as well. 

Step 5: Climb up the Roof and unlock the Stash

You can use the Star Haul’s van by climbing onto it in order to get to the roof. Jump over to the Marla’s Tapas and Tacos roof and then make your way to the gate. It will be open so now your task will involve finding and unlocking Jo’s stash.

dead island 2 jos rainy day stash

Once you open it, Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Lost and Found weapon quest in Dead Island 2 will be marked as complete. Furthermore, you will receive Primed Crowbar which will have (414 Power) along with 2000 XP as a reward.  

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