Dead Island 2 Body Art Quest Guide

Body Art is a series of quests in Dead Island 2 through which you can get the Brutalizer weapon and we are here to help you finish them.

Side quests can sometimes be more intimidating and exciting than the main storyline. Dead Island 2 is filled with plenty of those. Among these side quests, is the Dead Island 2 Body Art side quest series which is necessary to complete if you want to get the Brutalizer legendary weapon. These side quests are given by Francesca and have you traveling to a bunch of places all over the map.

Body Art is arguably one of the most tedious side quests in the game. The full Body Art series in Dead Island 2 has a total of six quests, each of which will require you to collect a handful of a specific body part dropped by a specific zombie. Before you can start the Body Art side quest, you will have to complete The Giant Slayer, Resurrect the Rex, and The Ballad of Rikky Rex.

Where to find Francesca

The Body Art side quest is given to you by Francesa and she can be found in Beverly Hill, in the house (marked on the map) with the workbench in the garage.

Being an artist, Francesca decided that she is going to improvise and make use of her situation, a.k.a the zombie apocalypse, and make art from whatever she can get her hands on.

Dead Island 2 Body Art: The Visionary

Objective: Collect 10x Infected Flesh

The first time you visit Francesca, she will tell you about her master plan and she will ask you to deliver ten pieces of Infected flesh. It is one of the simplest and the easiest parts of this questline because infected flesh is very common. It can be dropped by any kind of Zombie.


Go out on a killing spree and you will have all the necessary parts before you know it. Once you have collected all ten pieces, head back to Francesca to complete the quest.

Dead Island 2 Body Art: Heft

Objective: Collect 5x Oversized Arm Bones

The second time you will visit Francesa, she will not be there but you will find a note on the board, which will serve as the trigger for the next part of the Body Art side quest. This time around, you will have to collect five pieces of oversized arm bones. These bones are dropped by Crushers and Inferno Crushers.

The drop rate is pretty decent and you can find a lot of these swoll zombies around Venice Beach. If you can’t see any, just fast-travel to another location and come back to see more of them spawned.

Dead Island 2 Body Art: Moist

Objective: Collect 5x Chthonic Ichor

Upon your third visit to Francesca, you will be tasked with collecting five Chthonic Ichors. These are dropped by Slobbers and its variants. Finding zombies get progressively hard with each quest and Slobbers are no exception to the fact

A good hotspot for Slobbers to spawn is in Beverly Hills, in the house (marked on the map) where you will find Obi’s Key for the Clean and Snatch quest.

Once again, if you want them to spawn over and over again, just fast-travel to another location and come back to see them there.

Body Art: Uproar

Objective: Collect 5x Infected Spines

After delivering the Chthonic Ichor, you will now be sent by Francesca to find five Infected Spines. These spines can be found in Screamers. These zombies are quite annoying to kill as their screams and screeches are quite painful on the ear.

Along with the fact that they are rare, they are also a pain to take down. The best way is to shoot them from a distance using a sniper or by using projectiles. You can find these screamers easily outside Francesca’s house and some other spots around Beverly Hills.

Body Art: Vigor

Objective: Collect 3x Blade Arms

Next up on the list is Blade Arms. These chainsaw-looking arms are attached to a zombie named Butcher. You will need to be a little on your toes to kill them as they are deadly and a force to be reckoned with.

One good thing is that you can find plenty of them at the Santa Monica Pier and at the Metro (marked in yellow).

Body Art: Dread

Objective: Collect 3x Mutated Hearts

The last item you will be sent to collect for Francesca’s Art Piece are three Mutated Hearts. As the name suggests, these can be found in Mutators. These zombies are like a tank, quite literally. They are exceptional at both close and long-range combat so it is suggested to proceed with caution.

Now there are two situations when it comes to locating these monsters. The first one is that you have completed the main storyline and after that Mutator will become common and you can find them all around. If you haven’t, in that case, there is a hotspot for Mutator.

There is a high probability, that you will come across a Mutator at the exit of Metro in Hollywood Boulevard.

Body Art: Unveiling

Objective: Visit Francesca last time.

After you have collected all of the pieces for her masterpiece, go back to her house. This time she will not be in the garage but she will be around the back of the house alongside her art, made out of the body parts you just delivered. This will conclude the Body Art Side Quest and you will be awarded the Brutalizer.

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