Understanding Dead Island 2 Autophage System

Dead Island 2 Autophage System is a peculiar process by which your character's cells break down and recycle their components. Resultantly ...

Dead Island 2 Autophage System is a peculiar process by which your character’s cells break down and recycle their components. Resultantly, you start becoming a zombie while having consciousness like a human. Dead Island 2 has introduced this interesting mechanism for such players who want to test their zombie apocalypse survival skills without worrying about the health hazards it inflicts.

In the guide below, we will summarize all the information you need to understand Dead Island 2 Autophagy System, its Abilities, and its related advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, you will learn about Autophage Perks and their usage for different weapons.

What is Dead Island 2 Autophagy system?

The discovery of autophagy and its effects took place decades before Dead Island 2. A genius Scientist, Dr. Reed, got the idea of the process and wanted to expedite the changing process of the human species into zombies.

Reed’s experiments of inserting viruses into humans took a backdrop, and the resultant species proved different from what was expected. All lab materials were destroyed, and the zombies annihilated their members.

Dr. Reed and some of his fellows got lucky, survived the attack, and started their quest for an antidote to all this madness in Dead Island 2. After years of work, they successfully created Numen, which could survive the virus doses and became Superhuman.

These creatures are immune to zombification and have destructive powers, increased speed, and enhanced eyesight. Only a few Numen are known in Dead Island 2, including the Protagonist and Reed’s daughter Tisha.

Autophage skills in Dead Island 2

After playing for several hours in the game and reaching midway through the gameplay, you will start to unlock new autophagy skills/abilities in Dead Island 2. This will happen after completing quest #17, “The Final Gauntlet.” By using these skills, you achieve enhanced speed and strength for other fights.

However, there is also a caveat to this ability; your character starts losing health as soon as you gain further autophage skills and abilities. So, bear the consequences in mind before applying this system.

The Dead Island 2 offers three tiers for autophagy skills, and each tier provides increased abilities and health losses, respectively.

Tier 1 Tier 2Tier 3
Eliminate zombies for an increase in attack speedAttack enemies after a kill to regenerate StaminaKill zombies to obtain an increase in Health and Damage
Moderate longevity in the period of Fury ModeHealth recovery from Med Kits, Energy Drinks, and Protein Bars is lowered significantly.A long-term increase in the Fury Mode period
In Fury Mode, slay zombies to replenish minor FuryIn Fury Mode, slay zombies to replenish moderate FuryIn Fury Mode, slay zombies to replenish major Fury
Reduced Peak HealthReduced         Stamina regaining processZero Health regained
Health recovery from Med Kits, Energy Drinks, and Protein Bars is lowered significantly

You need extremely active survival instincts for the third tier, as there is no chance of regenerating your health. With that being said, tier 3 is undoubtedly the most amazing of all for true gaming nerds.

Autophage perks and blueprints

As soon as you start Venice Beach’s main quests, you will start getting autophage blueprints/collectibles as a reward for completing the story quests. These items are accessible only after you have finished the main quest #14, “The Red Mist.” Autophagy blueprints in Dead Island 2 offer additional effects to different weapons, such as Shockwave, which can help knock down a zombie through a forceful explosion.

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