Dead Island 2 The Red Mist Walkthrough

Dead Island 2 Red Mist is one of the Main quests. This 14th Quest involves meeting some weirdos at Venice Beach. However, starting this ...

Dead Island 2 Red Mist is one of the Main quests. This 14th Quest involves meeting some weirdos at Venice Beach. However, starting this quest is not a straightforward job. You must fulfill certain requirements to start this quest in Dead Island 2. Follow this guide to know everything about the Dead Island 2 The Red Mist mission and the complete walkthrough of all the trials that await you.

How to complete Dead Island 2 The Red Mist quest

To start with the Quest, know that there are a few requirements. You’ll have to collect some resources first. To find them, visit the Heart of Darkness; a room will be at the end of its alley. Open the door of the room to get inside.

You will need some resources in your mission that you can get from a room at the end of a hallway from the Heart of Darkness. To make your task easy, you can use the Workbench in Dead Island 2. This mission requires you to kill a Zombie called Shambler.

For now, take the steps. You’ll see an in-game cutscene appear, and you’ll find yourself traveling across a bridge, which will seem like it’s collapsing somehow. As you walk through, a weird and mysterious lady named Konradt will appear, and you’ll converse with her.

Defeat the Zombies

Just as you’ll be talking to the mysterious lady, two allies of Konradt will destroy the bridge completely, causing you to fall down the pit. There are hordes of Zombies waiting for you here. Just get on your feet, and as the zombies attack you, remember that your power here in Dead Island 2 is your Fury Mode.

You’ll achieve great power in this mode to combat all the zombies. You will inflict great damage to them by just using your fists and will beat all the zombies. Once you have killed the zombies, the Fury mode will switch off.


After this, you must rush towards the tunnel and leave the pit. Notice that there will be a lever to your left side. Just use it to head to the tunnels. Inside the tunnel, you will encounter a couple of zombies. Once you have killed them, you will face an Eat Courier in Dead Island 2.

After this, leave that area by moving through the left door and taking the stairs. You will enter a well-illuminated tunnel now. Keep moving to the right, and then you will encounter a Screamer. This is dangerous as it calls all the other enemies too. So, it would be best if you were quick in killing him before he calls the other zombies.

To avoid the zombies, look around, and you will notice a door on the left. Enter it and head down the stairs. Here you’ll find yourself in a bright sun-lit tunnel. The Screamer in Dead Island 2 is waiting for you in the tunnel. Take it down; you know it’s time to get to the Venice beach area.

Go to the Venice Beach area

To do so, move to the right direction of that room; you’ll find a ladder here; yes, simply climb out of the tunnel. And you’ll be out there at Venice Beach. There you will come across a van on the right side, with a car parking area. While moving through these areas, you’ll come across a parking lot.

Notice that a van will be here with a “Safe” sign. Here you’ll come across some Zombies and two Crushers. You must combat and kill them. To keep yourself safe from more zombies in Dead Island 2, close the door of the Car Park quickly and then head towards a mini building with a breaker to open the gate.

Find the Circuit Breaker

You can get a new Circuit breaker at the right of the Burger 66 building in Dead Island 2. Rush towards that area and bring that Circuit Breaker. Many zombies, including the Spiky Runners, Shamblers, Runners, and Walkers, will attack you. You must be quick in closing the gate of the Car park to protect yourself from the attack.

Meet the Blue Crab boys

So now you have made your way through the barred doors, as you’ve found the Circuit breaker, it’ll be easy for you. You just must meet the Blue Crab Boys:

  • Kai
  • Trent
  • Alex
  • Bud

When you converse with them, they’ll tell you how you can reach the Serling Hotel. You’ll be warned that your journey isn’t going to be easy. You’ll have to face many challenges. And this is where a new quest starts, and the Dead Island 2 Red Mist quest end.

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