Dead Island 2 The Art Of War Quest Guide

The Art of War is one of those late side quests in Dead Island 2 that might seem easy but...

The Art of War is one of those late side quests in Dead Island 2 that might seem easy but are actually the pinnacle of challenging encounters in the game. The side quest is tough to ace as it includes combat with many dangerous zombies ranging from the normal ones to the Apex Zombies. In short, Dead Island 2 The Art of War quest demands a lot but is also rewarding in the same magnitude.

The trials also include exploring different areas, getting out of different traps, and walking through many Bursters. You can only access it after the completion of the main storyline of Dead Island 2. Follow this guide to know how you can win awards in this most difficult side quest of Dead Island 2:

Dead Island 2 The Art of War walkthrough

First take guidance from Rosa in Serling Hotel, for which head to Ocean Avenue. Then following the orders, rush towards the Metro.

Then find out the secret hiding place of the Gand. This is somewhere near the destroyed cars and trains area. These cars and trains can be beneficial in providing some rewards like weapons and other tools. To obtain it there must be bloodshed, as you’ll have to combat some zombies.

When you’ll move in the tunnel you can come across either the laptop directly or some locked doors. If it’s the doors first, pass by them, and you’ll get the laptop. Wait till the laptop starts. During the adventure you must fight with all the zombies, the butchers, bursters, and other enemies that come your way.

Turn on the laptop and it will show you some information that the DBD Crew has been working on the Digital Artwork Graffiti.

Looting the Supplies

After this, you’ll have to pass through an airlock door and enter a tunnel that’s full of Bursters. Fight and kill these enemies of yours to move out of the tunnel. After successfully moving out more zombies will be waiting for you just at the entrance of the first destroyed train car. This doesn’t offer you any reward but is only a way to the next Metro Tunnel.

Next, you can either search for the DBD box in a train car or choose a better option of moving to forward to a train car that is full of tripwires. There is also a mutator. Aim at the mutator with a Rifle or aim at the wires with a pistol to surpass the train car successfully.

After this, the note titled More Than Gangbangers will guide the players further to DBD Crew Rebels.

Fight the Rebels

Move into the tunnel. You will come across the Darkest Before Dawn Crew. This constitutes of the following members.

  • Little Ed
  • Noel
  • Javier
  • Oscar

When you’ll kill Little Ed, you will get the DBD Chest Key to the blue and black Military Stash. Unlocking the treasure completes your quest.

The reward players receive after completing the Art of War quest includes:

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