How To Complete Ogryn Skullbreaker Penances In Darktide

Penances in Warhammer 40K Darktide are basically challenges or achievements based around each character class and playstyle such as Ogryn Skullbreaker. You can consider penances as a measure of success since completing these challenges in Darktide can require some work.

Not every penance unlocks items but a lot of them are also useful to unlock new cosmetics for your character. If you are interested in completing the penances for the Ogryn Skullbreaker class in Darktide, you have come to the right place.

Darktide Ogryn Skullbreaker penances

Penances are pretty straightforward gameplay-related challenges so there isn’t much we can say about them. However, some of them can be quite frustrating to complete that’s why its necessary to know their requirements beforehand.

In this section of the guide, we have listed all the Slullbreaker Penances along with their requirements and cosmetics you will unlock by completing them.

Got a Bone to Pick

You must reach Trust Level 5 to complete this penance. You will unlock one trinket and an upper body Cosmetic.

Built Like a Tank

To complete this Penance, you must finish 25 missions with Skullbreaer. You will unlock one Trinket.


You can acquire this Skullbreaker penance by completing one mission of each type. A character frame is unlocked by completing this penance.

I’m in Charge

This penance requires a player to use Bull Rush. You must bull rush to intercept Plague Ogryn’s charge. You will unlock lower body cosmetic.

Something in Your Eye

To acquire this Skullbreaker Penance, use your grenade box to kill a Corruptor. You must hit this corruptor in its eye to kill it. You will unlock one upper body cosmetic with this penance.

Friends Will be Friends

This one can be quite challenging to complete if you don’t communicate with teammates beforehand. For Friends Will Be Friends penance, you basically have to stay within the Coherency radius of the entire squad for the entirety of a single mission. If someone wanders outside the radius, you will fail the penance.

Completing the penance unlocks a lower body cosmetic item.

Gone Bowling

This penance requires the use of Bull Rush ability. You have to charge and hit 100 enemies with a single Bull Rush attack to complete the penance. You will also unlock one upper body cosmetic with this penance.

Don’t Stop Me Now!

This Skullbreaker penance will be yours once you complete 70-meter dash in 25 seconds. You will unlock one lower body cosmetic with this penance.

Heavyweight Champion

You can acquire this penance when you take down Bulwarks, Crushers, Plague Ogryns, and Reapers during Heresy Threat. You will unlock lower body cosmetic with this penance.

Bone ‘Ead

To get this Skullbreaker penance, you must finish the following penances:

  • Got a Bone to Pick
  • Beat-‘em-Up
  • Built Like a Tank
  • Something in Your Eye
  • I’m in Charge.

You will unlock one trinket and a cosmetic for head slot.

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