Cyberpunk 2077 Waiting For Dodger Walkthrough

Help a couple of inept cops escape a police station.

Just like CohhCarnage’s Garry the Prophet, another YouTuber, SuzyHunter, also has her very own character and mission in Cyberpunk 2077. SuzyHunter appears as Stella in the Waiting for Dodger gig in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

Like all the other gigs in Dogtown, Waiting for Dodger in Cyberpunk 2077 becomes available after you start Lucretia My Reflection and gain exploration access to Dogtown. Go to the gig marker, and Mr. Hands will contact you about meeting up and helping some cops. Make your way to the objective marker to meet Stella, a cop, and the fiancé of Bill, another cop you are supposed to help.

At the objective location, you will see Stella’s car surrounded by gang members. Kill them and enter the car to talk to Stella and figure out what she needs help with.

Go inside the NCPD Building

Turns out Stella needs help getting her fiancé Bill and his friend Charles out of the NCPD building. The building serves as a base of operations for Dodger, one of Kurt Hansen’s men.

Since Stella is a cop, she has an access keycard to allow you entry into the building. Take it from here and go to the objective marker to enter Dodger’s base in Waiting for Dodger.

Inside the NCPD building, it is up to you whether you want to stealth through or go guns blazing and kill everyone. Do keep in mind that both routes will change how the mission ends. If you kill even a single enemy here, you will have to fight Dodger at the end.


Get to the basement of the building

While you won’t know where Bill and Charles are in Cyberpunk 2077 Waiting for Dodger until you investigate the area, we can help speed up the process that they are both in the basement of the NCPD building. So you can go directly there instead of dealing with all the thugs around. Take the elevator to reach the basement in Waiting for Dodger.

In the basement, you will see another thug trying to pry open a door. Kill or knock him out and then talk to whoever was on the other side of the door. Turns out it was Charles. Pry open the door with his help and enter the room to see Bill looking at a corpse on the table.

The dead body is in poor shape, even by dead people’s standards. Its stomach has been cut to shreds as if trying to remove something from it while both Bill and Charles are covered in blood.

Turns out, the guy on the table swallowed a bag of drugs, which immediately burst open and killed him due to an overdose. Bill and Charles thought they could salvage the situation and cut open the guy to extract the drugs, but they were already ruined.

Escape through the garage

Now that you have Bill and Charles in tow, it is time to get them out of the NCPD building. You have to sneak your way out through the garage as the police squad car is in there.

Follow them into a room with a locked double door. If your Body attribute is high enough, you can open it; otherwise, follow the cables leading from that door to a junction box in the next room. Interact with this distribution box to open that double door and go meet Bill and Charles.

Keep following the objective marker to reach the garage. Ideally, it would be better if you leave Bill and Charles and quickly make your way to the garage; otherwise, they will end up alerting enemies on the way, making your job even more difficult.

As you reach the garage, a cutscene begins, and Dodger shows up, asking why both cops are covered in blood and what they are doing in the area.

Should you lie to Dodger or tell the truth in Waiting for Dodger

Cyberpunk 2077 Waiting For Dodger

At this point, you will have three options. One of them is simple and straightforward. You pull out your gun and attack Dodger. Kill him and his thugs to complete the mission. The other two involve you lying to Dodger or telling him the truth about what Bill and Charles did.

What happens if you lie to Dodger

Lying to Dodger in Waiting for Dodger is pointless. He will instantly attack you and lead you to fight with him and his thugs. Once you kill him, you can loot his body to pick up the Rosco Iconic Power Revolver. So the outcome is the same as you attacking Dodger first. Both ways, you get to kill him and take his gun.

What happens if you tell Dodger the truth

This is a morally questionable decision. You came here to save Bill and Charles, but now you are throwing them under the bus. Thankfully, Dodger will be amused by the stupidity of the cops and allow you to go free. However, before you are free, he will check the status of his men. If you have killed even a single one of them, this decision also fails, and you are forced to fight Dodger and the remaining men.

If you managed to do a perfect stealth run of Waiting for Dodger in Cyberpunk 2077, you would be allowed to go free and leave the station. Mr. Hands will mark the Waiting for Dodger gig as complete, and you will have helped out a YouTuber (not really).

Ideally, my recommendation would be to attack and kill Dodger. There is no major benefit to telling him the truth. Bill and Charles will survive anyway, so why not kill Dodger and take his iconic revolver?

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