How To Get The Garry The Prophet Quest In Cyberpunk 2077

CohhCarnage has got a lot to say in The Prophet's Song.

Just like SuzyHunter’s Waiting for Dodger quest, Cyberpunk 2077 continues the tradition of celebrity questlines. CohhCarnage, a renowned streamer not only got his likeness in Cyberpunk 2077 as Gary the Prophet but also has a whole quest dedicated to him, The Prophet’s Song.

How to start Garry the Prophet’s quest in Cyberpunk 2077

To begin the Prophet’s Song quest Cyberpunk 2077, first, you need to find a specific NPC, one by the name of Gary the Prophet, over in the Watson district, next to Misty’s Esoterica. Garry will be preaching loudly about some strange conspiracy theories. While his interpretations can be very wild, some of the things he says have some truth to them.

In any event, your goal is to visit Garry every now and then and listen to his sermons till the end. During his sermons, you’ll be presented with various dialogue choices to interject with.

To be on the safe side and curry favor with him, pick the choices that either support Garry the Prophet directly or show genuine interest in what he says. Just go along with his apparent delusions, leading him on as much as possible.

It should be noted that visiting Garry’s sermons in Act 2 of Cyberpunk 2077 tends to yield more consistent results toward unlocking the quest.

As these sessions progress, other people in the crowd will toss in some remarks here and there or warn Gary to tread lightly since his preaching can be problematic. At some point, as you listen to enough sermons, there will come a point where he starts talking about Nomads and Werewolves in another conspiracy spiel.


Only this time, his preaching comes at a very unfortunate time as two Nomads will be part of the crowd listening in, and they won’t be too flattered by this conspiracy, taking it as a personal attack to drag their reputation.

At this point, you get a dialogue option to intervene. If you picked the Nomad life path, you could diffuse the situation and get the nomads to leave peacefully. If you picked any other background, though, be ready to fight and protect Garry from the other nomads.

How To Get The Garry The Prophet Quest In Cyberpunk 2077

After you resolve this little incident, Gary the Prophet (or CohhCarnage) will thank you for stepping in but note that you also don’t fully believe in his preaching. After a bit of dialogue, he will give you a chance to confirm the legitimacy of his claims himself.

He will point you towards a meeting spot where some “Cosmic Plot” will occur. Setting the uncanniness aside, upon inquiry, it seems Gary has some sort of implant that allows him to access secret radio waves, essentially peeking into information he usually shouldn’t have access to. With this information now in your hands, you will have officially unlocked Cyberpunk 2077 The Prophet’s Song quest.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Prophet’s Song walkthrough

The remainder of the Garry the Prophet’s quest is relatively straightforward. Simply go to the old factory where this secret meeting is supposed to go down. You’ll have a brief conversation with Johnny at the meeting point, thinking about the absurdity of it all.

Once you’re done, get to a nearby hiding spot and wait for time to pass. After a while, a group of Maelstrom members arrive at the scene, confirming that Gary wasn’t simply talking crazy delusions with no substance.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Prophet's Song walkthrough

With the secret group in question now on the scene, get up from your hiding spot and slowly make your way closer to the group until you’re within hearing distance while also hidden so as not to arouse suspicion.

You can then listen to the strange conversation between the group, and it all seems like its a secret cipher talk, just to minimize chances of potential third parties gaining important information from this exchange.

After listening for a while, the two leads in the middle will exchange an item, at which point your quest objective will update. You will be asked to Seize the conspirator’s chip as the next step of Prophet’s Song in Cyberpunk 2077.

Seize the conspirator’s chip

At this point, it’s important you attack without missing a beat since the man in the suit to the right will enter his car and potentially escape if you don’t act immediately. Killing the enemies shouldn’t prove too difficult, but make sure to use an effective area-of-effect item/weapon like a grenade as soon as the exchange takes place since they are very closely grouped together so it could do quite some damage.

Once you’ve defeated them all, move on to the body of the man who received an item in the exchange. You can loot a ‘Mystery Chip’ from his body to update your Prophet’s Song mission objective.

The chip is rather unconventional, and Johnny comments they should bring it back to Gary and see what he has to say about it.

Bring the mystery chip back to Garry the Prophet

At this point, backtrack to where Gary carries out his preaching activities in CP2077, and you will find that our loud and inspirational conspiracy theorist is nowhere to be seen. Instead, one of his followers, who warned him during an early sermon to stay low for fear of inciting intervention by higher powers, currently occupies his spot.

She will comment on how Gary was abducted by some people in suits who put him in an armored vehicle, claiming abduction and some more conspiracy theories. However, it is clear that whatever deal you interrupted with the Maelstrom boys didn’t sit well with some of Arasaka’s elites.

In any event, the follower wants to gather donations to set up a monument for Gary for daring to step up and guide people to the truth, questioning the nature of Night City with a more critical lens. You can choose to donate however much you want. Personally, I feel like Gary sticking to his ideals and potentially dying by them warrants a monument for commitment to the cause, if nothing else.

After that’s done and Prophet’s Song mission in Cyberpunk 2077 ends, you’ll talk to Johnny. He’ll comment on how the people will spin ridiculous, romanticized tales so they can come to terms with the brutal realities. They would instead pin misfortunes, society’s deterioration, and issues on some demons or other fantasies rather than come to terms with how heartless the elites who run everything are.

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