Cyberpunk 2077 Search and Destroy Walkthrough

This guide is a walkthrough of the main quest in Cyberpunk 2077, Search and Destroy. We have covered the whole storyline of Search and Destroy main job, all the available choices and how to get the best results.

Cyberpunk 2077 Search and Destroy

Head into the abandoned apartment building and climb up the stairs to the left. Follow the yellow mark to get to the hideout.

There will be a locked door and you will have three options to choose from. Choose to ‘Knock four times’ and Takemura will open it up for you.

Ask him what that F was he thinking and he will tell you what exactly had happened.

Go and talk to Hanako, who is sitting on the chair. Start by telling that you were there the night Sabure died.

When the next dialog choice appears, choose to ask, “Why? My word means shit to you?”

A while later, someone will knock at the door. The moment you open it, someone will start firing at Takemura and Hanako from the roof and a moment later, there will be a whole unit ambushing at you guys.

You will be stunned for a while and then Johnny will appear to take you out.

Stand up and follow Johnny to leave the building. You will have to face enemies on your way out, so stay ready for some combat.

The thermal status effect will be spread all over, and you will be losing health faster. So you need to rush out. Just keep following the objective marker and keep shooting the foes until you step out of the building.

Johnny will be waiting for you outside and once you have come out, you will blackout and he will take you somewhere else.

While talking to Johnny later on, choose “Yeah just two Fuckin’ losers.”

Moments later, someone will be at the door saying that they have a message for you. Open the door and it will be an unknown lady. She turns out to be a proxy sent by Hanako.

While talking to her, choose to say, “Damn shame you didn’t believe me earlier.” Next, ask her to help you first.

She will start telling you the whole story then. Tell her that you tracked down her runaway. She will then tell you some more stuff and then go away by saying, “it’s my job done.”

When Johnny speaks, tell him, “We got what we wanted” and the Search and Destroy mission will conclude.