Cyberpunk 2077: Search And Destroy Walkthrough

Your choices here affect your ending.

The Search and Destroy is the 25th Main mission that can be played in Act 2 of Cyberpunk 2077. This is a major mission in the storyline as you confront Hanako Aransaka and reveal that V isn’t responsible for her father’s killer.

Search and Destroy may seem like a straightforward mission but as you progress through it, you’ll be required to make a few choices that’ll steer the boat of how the mission ends.

This is also an important gig in the sense that it will help you increase your relationship with Johnny Silverhand.

Read the guide below to find out how to unlock and complete the Search and Destroy mission as well as see what the choices you take get you in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to unlock and start “Search and Destroy”

You will start the Search and Destroy mission automatically in Cyberpunk 2077 after completing the campaign mission, Play It Safe.

You’ll receive a message from Takemura where he’ll instruct you to knock on the door four times and make sure nobody is following you.

A waypoint will be marked on your map guiding you to Takemura’s hideout located in the Vine Street of Japantown.

How to complete Search and Destroy in Cyberpunk 2077

After following the waypoint to the Takemura Apartment building, head to the third floor of the building and interact with apartment number 303 to begin the mission. Three dialogue options will be prompted of choosing to knock on the door, two, three, and four times respectively.

The correct option is to knock four times as Takemura will open the door, choosing the latter option will blow up the door and result in your death.

Some players have faced a serious problem where there isn’t an objective marker pointing at apartment 303 making the interaction unavailable. To fix that issue we recommend skipping time or restarting your game.

Once Takemura opens the door, speak with Hanako who is tied to a chair in the apartment, and explain to her that you didn’t kill her husband but midway through the conversation, Aransaka’s squad will arrive to rescue her. You’ll be prompted to interact with the door to see what’s happening.

As you open the door, gunfire will approach through the windows with a flashbang following right behind it making you unconscious for a few seconds. As you wake up a guard will approach and suddenly the floor will collapse.

Johnny will appear in front of you asking you to leave the building. However, V will display concern for Takemura resulting in you making a decision to escape the building and fend for your life or go back and rescue Takemura.

Rescuing Takemura (choice 1)

The choice to rescue Takemura will not appear on your HUD until you find the secret stairwell that leads back into his apartment.

To rescue Takemura, continue down the hallway where you woke up and look for a small opening on the left side of the room with a blue neon cross sign as shown in the picture below.

As you squeeze through the hole, you’ll encounter five guards roaming around looking for you. Kill the guards to proceed in the Cyberpunk 2077 Search and Destroy mission.

Once the guards are dealt with look for a small stairwell located right beside the elevator in the top right corner of the area. As you approach the stairwell, the rescue Takemura objective will trigger and your waypoint will guide you to his apartment.

Along the way, you’ll face enemies attacking you, try to run past them or get rid of them. Once you reach apartment 303, you’ll find Takemura fighting off the remaining enemies.

Help and lead him outside to the hallway where V will encounter an ambush from both sides. Fight off the enemies and follow your quest marker to room 307 located In the corner of the hallway to find a hole in the floor.

Jump through the hole and follow the stairs where you’ll find an exit. As you’re about to exit the building, V will collapse and Takemura will approach you and ask you to escape the area.

Escaping the building (choice 2)

If saving Takemura isn’t your concern, you can follow the original quest marker and exit the building. You’re given 2 routes to do so. Finding the first route is quite similar to saving Takekmora’s route where you enter through the small hole located in the left side of the room with a neon blue cross.

The same five enemies will be looking for V in the next area, you can either choose to distract them with the lights to sneak past them or go in guns blazing however do note that gunfire will draw the attention of more guards coming your way. Get rid of the guards and find an exit located in the area.

The second route is quite short where you’ll be taking a right from the room with a blue neon cross sign and fighting through the horde of guards coming your way to reach the exit.

If fighting through the guards seems a bit hectic, you can always make a run for the exit where V will collapse and instead of Takemura, Johnny shows up asking you to leave the City.

You’ll wake up in a motel with Jonny sitting right in front of you complaining about your recent actions and a knock on the door will be heard.

Open the door to find a stranger and listen to her message. You’ll get a chance to speak with Hanako and the next mission Tapeworm will begin marking an end to the Cyberpunk 2077 Search and Destroy mission.

Should you save Takemura or not in Cyberpunk 2077?

We recommend saving Takemura as it is the best choice to end the Search and Destroy mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

This way, you will be able to unlock the Devil Ending achievement and get a chance to meet Takemura in Hanako’s Ending epilogue.

However. If you opt to escape during the Search and Destroy mission, Takemura will be dead and during the Hanako’s ending epilogue you’ll be visited by Andres Hellman instead.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Search and Destroy rewards

  • Johnny’s relationship status increased by 5%
  • 1142 Street Cred
  • 1580 EXP
  • Devil Ending Achievement (Rescue Takemura)
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