Cyberpunk 2077: Should You Side With Jago Or Bennett In Run This Town?

Who should be the leader of Dogtown, Bennett or Jago?

Run This Town is the mission in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, in which you have to decide the fate of Dogtown. After killing the Voodoo Boys, you must choose Bennett or Jago in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty as the new leader of Dogtown.

Another option is to ally the two, ruling Dogtown together. Let’s look at all three choices and their outcomes to decide the best.

Side with Bennett To Take Over Dogtown 

This will make Bennett trust you, and then you can go to the Black Sapphire to attend Kurt Hansen’s wake. During the wake, talk to Jago and ask him to give his contacts to Bennett. Once the contacts are transferred, Bennett will pull out his gun and shoot Jago, who will end up dead.

Bennett will shoot Jago even if the contacts are not transferred, but this will result in your pay deduction by Mr. Hands. Ensure that you ask Jago to transfer his contacts to Bennett by choosing the “A fair price, Jago. One that you will pay” dialogue option.

Now you can call Mr. Hands and update him about the new alpha of Dogtown in Cyberpunk 2077. He will condemn the violence but still reward you with 8000 Eurodollars.

What Happens If You Choose Jago to take over Dogtown 

If you choose Jago to be the new leader of Dogtown instead of Bennett, you do not need to visit Bennett at the Downtown City Center. You can meet Jago at the Voodoo Boys meeting and then go straight to Kurt Hansen’s wake.


At the wake, Bennett will pull out his gun to shoot Jago. This is where you have to decide to side with Jago. You will need to shoot Bennett before he shoots Jago, as this is the only way of ensuring Jago lives and becomes the new leader of Dogtown in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

You will require 10 Reflex to shoot Bennett quickly and leave the wake. Call Mr. Hands after leaving the wake to inform him about the new leader of Dogtown. He will be a little disappointed as his primary choice was Bennett. He criticizes the violence but still rewards you with 8000 Eurodollars.

Get Jago and Bennett to Work Together in Cyberpunk 2077

The last choice you can make to decide Dogtown’s fate is to get Bennett and Jago to work together. Go to Kurt Hansen’s wake at the Black Sapphire and wait until Bennett talks about Jago.

Bennett will pull his gun out to shoot Jago, and at this point, you have to select the “You would plunge Dogtown into chaos?” dialogue option. Both of them will talk, and the situation will be de-escalated. They will decide to maintain the peace in Dogtown by working together, as Bennet will be the primary leader, and Jago will be his helping hand.  

Out of the three outcomes, this is the most peaceful one. You can then exit the wake and call Mr. Hands to update him about the situation. He will appreciate how you maintained peace and reward you with the promised 8000 Eurodollars and a 2000 Eurodollar bonus.

Best Choice in Cyberpunk 2077 Run This Town

The best choice in Cyberpunk 2077 Run this Town quest is to get Bennett and Jago to work together. Bennett is a great leader for Dogtown but lacks brains, which Jago will provide as his advisor.

This choice will also get you the most appreciation from Mr. Hands and Eurodollars, i.e., 10000. Thus, it is the best outcome for Dogtown in the Run this Town mission.

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