Cyberpunk 2077 Run This Town Walkthrough

Run This Town is basically House of Cards Cyberpunk 2077 edition

Run This Town is a side quest in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC. Run This Town only appears once you finish Firestarter, one of the last few quests of the Phantom Liberty storyline. Whether you side with Reed or Songbird during Firestarter both outcomes with lead to Kurt Hansen’s death and unlocking Run This Town in Cyberpunk 2077.

See the basic premise of Run This Town is that since Hansen is dead, Barghest soldiers of Dogtown are in disarray until a new leader is selected. Being the type of person he is, Mr Hands is trying to install someone he can manipulate and control and that political scheming is where you come in.

Meeting Mr. Hands

Go inside the Heavy Hearts Club and take the elevator up to the private rooms in the club. That’s where you would meet Mr Hands. He explains that a corporate needs to be inherited by a successor, and that he has already chosen one named Bennett from two potential people. He asks you to back the other one down named Jago. Considering you plan to play this quest – you’ll have to agree to help Mr Hands.

He explains that you need to impersonate an assassin mercenary named Aguilar. He provides you with their imprint, suit and gun. Equip all of them so that you may start impersonating Aguilar.

Once you’ve gotten everything and completed the dialogue, go to the place where Jago plans to meet with the Voodoo Boys.

The location is on the left side of the road inside the tunnel where the meeting is taking place. You’ll find a motel like house once you’re above the tunnel and you have to activate Aguilar’s imprint when waiting for the Voodoo boys. Go inside the designated room.

Get rid of the Voodoo Boys

Right outside the room, you’ll find that Voodoo Boys have already reached. You have to get rid of them before Jago arrives. Talking to them does not help much and would result in a gunfight. Use Aguilar’s revolver that you received to take them all down. Once you’re done, lean against the rock nearby and wait for Jago.

Talk to Jago

You’re to convince him you’re Aguilar and intimidate him into resigning his candidacy. Begin by telling him you bring a message for him from his superiors.

Cyberpunk 2077 Run this town

Going with the first option again, you’ll tell him to resume his place back to where he belongs and cease his ambitions.

He will try to test by asking his bodyguard to shoot you, however, as Aguilar, you’d have the option to shoot him down instead. After that, Jago will back down – or so he says. However, before leaving, he gives a titbit that an external force is actually controlling Bennett. When asked for proof, he’ll explain where you could get it from.

Call Mr Hands

Call Mr. Hands and explain that Bennett is Arasaka’s pawn. Mr Hands expects trouble when the transfer of power will take place. He will ask you to go to Black Sapphire to ensure a smooth transfer of power during Hansen’s funeral.

Meet with Bennett before the wake (optional)

Go to the following location to meet with Bennett.

Activate your imprint and wait for his driver to bring the car. You have to kill his driver and dump his dead body in the car’s trunk. Then get into the driver’s seat and wait for Bennett to return. Doing this optional quest basically forces Bennett to cut ties with the Arasaka. Completing this quest would affect the ending as well.

Go to Hansen’s wake

Once you’ve reached Black Sapphire, activate Aguilar’s imprint. Go inside the building and head straight to the elevator. The Barghest soldiers will recognize you as Aguilar and you won’t get any trouble from them as you pass through the Black Sapphire.

You’ll find Jago there. Ask him to take you to Bennett. You’re now at the final part – and finally, select a leader. Lean at the coffin and pick whichever choice you’d like.

After that, the dialogue options diverge, with each option bringing a chance for you to side with either Bennett or Jago.

Cyberpunk 2077 Run This Town Choices and Outcomes

Cyberpunk 2077 Run this town

The first option makes you go against Bennett. Enforcing that the terms that were decided upon would not change. If you go with the first option then Bennett will pull out a gun and reject the deal. In this outcome Bennett will shoot Jago and kill him making Bennett the leader of Dogtown.

If you choose the second option, which is Intimidation by showing your weapon, Bennett would once again become the leader of the Dogtown, however this time he won’t kill Jago.

If you choose the third option, it can lead to further two separate endings:

The first ending would require you to intimidate Jago into giving up his contacts. Unfortunately, Jago would still die here, once he has given up his contacts. In the second one, after you intimidate Jago you’re met with a Quick Time Event when Bennett points his gun at Jago, that’s where you have the only shot of – well, taking a shot at Bennett.

If you kill Bennett, Jago becomes the new leader of Dogtown. Jago will pay you some money as a reward, and then afterward when you call Mr. Hands, he will express his disappointment to you since you violated the contract. He will pay you less as a reward but that marks the end of Run This Town mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

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