How To Get Erebus In Cyberpunk 2077

Power of the Blackwall in the palm of your hand.

We all know the deadly power of the Blackwall in Cyberpunk 2077. There is a way to wield that power outside of story moments and that comes in the form of the Erebus iconic weapon. With the release of Phantom Liberty, you can get the Tier 5 iconic SMG Erebus in Cyberpunk 2077 simply by proceeding through a certain route in the DLC story.

The Erebus directly targets an enemy’s health and deals bonus damage, so low-health enemies are pretty much an insta-kill with the iconic SMG.

Cyberpunk 2077 Erebus location

Erebus can only be obtained through the Somewhat Damaged story quest of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. To unlock Somewhat Damaged, you will have to side with Reed in Firestarter and try to capture Songbird.

Unlike other weapons, Erebus in Cyberpunk 2077 is available as a blueprint, so you have to craft this iconic weapon. Since the blueprint is only available during Somewhat Damaged, if you don’t unlock this mission or fail to pick up the crafting blueprint, there is no other way to unlock Erebus in the current playthrough.

During Somewhat Damaged, as you are going through the Cynosure Facility, proceed with the mission till you get to the objective where you have to find Dataterminal Victor and Sierra. You will come to a door with Maintenance written on it. The door should be near Engineering.

Cyberpunk 2077 Erebus location

This Maintenance room has the Erebus blueprint in Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, the door is locked, and you will have to figure out another way to open it and get the Erebus blueprint.


If you have Remote Deactivation Quickhack, you can simply open Maintenance the door by hacking it. Otherwise, make your way to the storage room nearby. The maintenance door has a sign on it that tells you where the storage room is.

Head to the storage room and reroute power to the maintenance door from a panel in the room. To reroute power, you will need 15 Technical Ability. Once the power has been transferred to the door, go back to Maintenance and pick up Erebus from the table. Voila, the iconic Blackwall Erebus SMG in Cyberpunk 2077 can now be crafted by simply heading to the Crafting tab in your character page.

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