Cult of the Lamb Farming Guide

In this Cult of the Lamb guide, we'll look into how to unlock, upgrade and speed up farming.

If you’ve got a bunch of loyal lambs, you’ve got to feed them to stick around. Picking up random edible stuff is good, but growing your own farm and having a sustainable food supply is great. In this Cult of the Lamb guide, we’ll look into how to unlock, upgrade and speed up farming.

Although farming is a common mechanic for most games, in Cult of the Lamb, it can get confusing and make you wonder if you’re doing something wrong. Well, worry no more; below, we’ve divided the guide into four useful sections, each going through exactly what you need to know.

How to Build a Farm

In order to build your own farm in Cult of the Lamb, the first step includes deliberately looking for a farm plot in the shrine area. You can get a plot once you’ve unlocked the Temple and paid one Divine Inspiration.

As soon as you unlock the farming plot, you can now make your way to the workbench and then head to the Build menu, where you can select the Farm Plot from the Food section.

Every patch where you will be growing different crops will cost you two Coins and five Grass to build. The patches’ layouts are totally up to you, but our best recommendation is to keep them in a diamond shape. And here’s why.

Once you have a bunch of different crops growing, you will need a lot more help. While you can manage planting seeds and watering them, it can get hard to keep up with every plant, and they can eventually die. So here’s come the function of the Farming Bundle.

A Farming bundle is a feature that players can unlock. Unlocking it entails access to Farmer Station and Seed Silo. These are the facilities you get from the Farming Bundle, and placing these in the middle of your diamond-shaped farms will allow each patch to be near them. Having them close by will help you assign your followers to perform different tasks.

Farmer Station helps you detect the location where your farm will flourish the most and lets your followers manage the crops. At the same time, Seed Silo allows followers to plant the excessive seeds present in the storage within the structure.

Building the Farmer Station will cost 20 Coins and 20 Lumber, whereas Seed Silo costs 20 Gold Coins, 10 Lumber, and 10 Stone.

Once you have a plot and the help you need, you can plant seeds and interact with it to fertilize the land. After a few days of your hard work, the plant will finally mature, and you can pick the crop, cook it, and feed it to your cult members.

You can also build Outhouse and Fertilizer Silo, which players can get by collecting Devotion from your followers. It will help you cut out the time used on cleaning up the poopy mess your followers make and convert it into fertilizer, giving you a steady supply.

With this basic setup going on, you’ll have your farm in the hustle and bustle condition, and you’re only required to refill the seeds and harvest the crop when they are ready.

Farm Upgrades

Now that you’ve figured out the basics to build a Farm, here are the details of some of the upgrades you need to elevate it further. Apart from the facilities mentioned above, players can also get the following through Devotion and Cult level upgrades;

  • Scarecrow (Cult Level 2, 4): It will ensure that the birds don’t disturb the growth of your seeds.
  • Devotion Harvest Totem/ Harvest Totem (Cult Level 3): This upgrade will help to boost the speed of the growth of your seeds.
  • Farmer Station 2 (Cult Level 3): An upgrade that allows the follower to harvest crops for you.
  • Compost( Cult Level 3): A bin used to fill with grass to turn it into fertilizer for crops.
  • Trap Scarecrow (Cult Level 3): Upgraded version of the Scare Crow catches birds and turns them into meat.

Increasing your Cult Level entails progressing through five separate dungeons. This can take you about  15-30 hours if you’re thinking about cramming the whole game.

However, as for your Devotion, players will need to focus on their followers praying at their central statue. It increases your Devotion points, and you quickly obtain new Divine Inspiration levels.

Other ways to get the Devotion points include setting up graves at the Grieve the Fallen Doctrine, providing followers with good facilities to live in, and increasing their loyalty by interacting individually.

Once you have enough points, simply interact with the central statue and choose the facilities you want to unlock.

How to Unlock Seeds

Once you’ve unlocked farming and have things going with the flow, it’s time you introduce new plants that produce beneficial crops. Players will only have grass and berries as cooking ingredients in the initial stages.

Although they are better than nothing, soon enough, you will need to search for more seeds as these ingredients will not fulfill the hunger needs of your followers.

Players can find various seeds on different crusades, but buying them from the vendor is a better option for quick access. You’ll find the vendor located on the west of the crusade entrance portals. You can also get seeds while harvesting the crops and visiting different areas.

Following are the seeds you’ll find from different areas when playing Cult of Lamb.

  • Camellia Seeds: Dark Wood
  • Menticide Mushroom Seeds: Anura
  • Pumpkin Seed: Anura
  • Cauliflower Seeds: Anchordeep
  • Berry Seeds: Dark Wood
  • Beetroot Seeds: Silk Cradle

Players can also get different seeds from Specific/Regular Dungeons, Miniboss Fights, and purchasing from Rakshasa NPC.

How to Speed Up Farm Growth

In order to sustain the hunger needs of their cult followers, players need to keep in mind to feed them constantly. For that purpose, speeding up farm growth becomes essential.

You must perform the Ritual of the Harvest to get things to grow fast. Players can unlock it after reaching the third tier of the Sustenance Doctrine skill tree. Once used, it makes any planted seed mature quickly and prepares it to harvest.

Moreover, this ritual can be performed every 2-3 days before and after you unlock the Ritual cooldown Divine Inspiration skill.

This makes it extra special and gives players the maximum output they can get to increase their crop growth in the game.

Other than the ritual, players can use the Devotion Harvest Totem/ Harvest Totem upgrades, both of which are great for speeding up farm growth.

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