How To Get Lumber In Cult Of The Lamb

You will require a number of materials and resources to not only increase your followers but also prevent them from...

You will require a number of materials and resources to not only increase your followers but also prevent them from revolting in Cult of the Lamb. That includes lumber which is probably one of the most important and valuable resources to harvest in the game.

You will need lumber for every building and the more you advance in the storyline and the more upgrades you unlock, the amount of lumber needed will skyrocket.

Hence, the following guide will point out all the ways through which you can get lumber in Cult of the Lamb.

How To Harvest Lumber In Cult Of The Lamb

Cut down trees

The most common way of getting lumber is by simply cutting trees. You will be doing this a lot during the early game.

You can either chop down trees yourself or command your followers to do the job for you. Compared to your followers, you will work faster. You can, however, increase your followers’ speed by gifting them items like necklaces or placing propaganda speakers.

The only problem with cutting down trees is that they need to grow back. This takes time. You may even have to wait days before all of the trees have grown back. This is where the Lumberyard comes in.

Build a lumberyard

Another way to get lumber is by building a lumberyard. You can build as many lumberyards as you want. You just need to place a follower at each lumberyard to automatically produce lumber with time. The production speed will be slow but it beats waiting for a forest to grow back.

Lumberyards need to be unlocked first through Divine Inspiration, located in tier two of your shrine upgrades.

You can even opt to upgrade your lumberyard, but you can only do so at the end of the game. It is recommended to build at least 3-5 lumberyards to ensure a constant supply of lumber.

Go on crusades

The best way to get lumber in Cult of the Lamb is to search dungeons that you encounter while crusading. When you need to choose a path for each adventure, make sure to pick the one that gives materials. This will ensure that you loot a lot of lumber in that specific dungeon.

The only drawback of this option is that you will have to skip some of the other more lucrative paths such as rooms that give health regeneration or followers.

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