How to Get Money and Gold in Cult of the Lamb

Making money in Cult of the Lamb is simple, but there are a lot of ways that you can use...

Making money in Cult of the Lamb is simple, but there are a lot of ways that you can use to increase your income so you can make sure your cult is running smoothly. This guide will help you increase your earnings in Cult of the Lamb by giving tips to make a lot of money and gold.

Running a successful cult is no easy task and you need a constant flow of wealth. The only way of maintaining your cult is to make sure you have a lot of cash to spend, otherwise, what’s the point of running a broke cult?

Tips to Make Money and Gold Fast in Cult of the Lamb

Gold is one of the most important resources in Cult of the Lamb and for obvious reasons. You are introduced to Gold pretty early on and of course, you need to hoard as much of it as you can as you progress further into the game

Rabbit’s Foot Tarot Card

Well, this is a no-brainer. The Rabbit’s Foot Tarot Card increases the amount of gold you get every time, for every enemy killed and for each boss you defeat. The tarot card will increase the gold output for everything in the world and this is the first step and the best step for earning an increased amount of gold for the entire game.

Dungeon Bosses

Dungeon runs are the most straightforward way of earning Gold in Cult of the Lamb. You can find a lot of procedurally generated dungeons where you can kill enemies, find new NPCs and kill the boss to get gold.

Completing dungeons allows you to gather other resources as well along with gold and level you up, allowing you to further progress in the game easily. Two Birds with One Dungeon!

Dungeons feature chests scattered around the area and these chests will get you a lot of gold quite fast and easily. Other than that you can refight the same boss as many times as you want, so you can pick any boss you find easy and has a good enough gold output and simply farm the boss as much as you want, an endless source of gold.

Gold Nuggets

You can also find a lot of gold nuggets in your adventures. Though they seem insignificant, you can craft gold coins from these nuggets. For 7 gold nuggets in a workstation, you get 5 gold coins. Though the output seems disappointing, as you go through the game, you will horde up thousands of Gold Nuggets.

These nuggets are potential old coins, and if you set up multiple workstations, you will be smelting hundreds of gold coins at once. Perfect.

Extorting your Followers

What’s the benefit of running a cult if you cannot use your followers for your own gains? Cult of the Lamb allows players to set up rules where the follower has to pay up to stay in the cult. You can get one gold coin from each follower you have. As your followers grow, so will your passive income.

You can also use the Ritual of Enrichment to increase the amount of gold you get from the followers for a short time. With the ritual activated, you will fill up your treasure chests in a matter of seconds. This ritual does have a side effect that it reduces all faith by 20, so make sure you do something cheap and nice for your followers to keep their faith going on.

You can spam the Ritual of Enrichment if you unlock the Divine Inspiration, which reduces all ritual cooldowns by 50%. Again, make sure to keep the faith up so you don’t end up losing the followers.

Selling Useless Items

We all have things we don’t use anymore or don’t want. These things are a huge source of gold in Cult of the Lamb. Anything that you find in the dungeons that you don’t need can be sold off for gold.

One of the best ways to earn gold by selling is selling fish. Fishes are very common, and selling rare fish that you catch will fetch you a large sum of gold.

Activate the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty and your chances of finding rare fish over the next two days will drastically increase. Give your followers enough food for two days and go on a fishing trip.

While your followers feast around, you will catch up a lot of rare fish in the next two days, and then you can sell it off, making hundreds in the process. You get 20 Gold for each fish, so even 10 rare fishes will get you 200 gold coins, and with the ritual, you are bound to get at least well over 30 rare fishes.


Devotion will increase the funds that you get for your cult. Now other than performing acts to increase devotion, you can always build more structures to increase the devotions that your followers have.

The higher the devotions, the more gold you will get. Focus on building structures that will increase the devotion of all your followers in Cult of the Lamb.

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