How to Craft Rune Song Sword in Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, there are many different weapons that you can use throughout the game. However, some weapons are better than others, and one of such weapons is the Rune Song Sword. It is a Legendary rarity sword and is the strongest sword that is currently present in the game. This guide will explain how to craft Rune Song Sword in Core Keeper.

How to Craft Rune Song Sword in Core Keeper

Obtaining the Rune Song sword is a bit tricky, and it is understandable considering it is the best weapon in the game. To craft the Rune Song sword, you will need to get your hands on the ‘Rune Parchment’ blueprint.

The Rune Parchment blueprint can be purchased from the merchant holding a blue lantern, costing 2000 coins. Once you have the blueprint, the next step will be to gather the materials required to craft this sword.

Required Materials

The following materials are required to craft the Rune Song Sword.

The Ancient Gemstone and Iron bars are relatively straightforward to find out of these materials. However, the rest are a bit tricky to get your hands on.

You can get your hands on the Chipped Blade by opening an ancient door having a glow tulip. However, the chance of obtaining it is not 100%, so you will need to try with several doors, depending on your luck.

The Broken Handle can be obtained from treasure pots or dropped from local monsters in the Rock Biome area. And lastly, the Clean Gemstone can be obtained either in Forgotten Ruins or the Natural Biome area.

Once you have all the required materials, put them in your inventory along with the Rune Parchment blueprint. Then, use the blueprint to craft the legendary sword.

Core Keeper Rune Song Sword Stats

The Legendary Rune Song Sword has the following stats.

  • 185-255 Melee Damage
  • 62 point Health Boost
  • 205 APS
  • 3 point Health Regen per melee hit
  • 15% Critical Hit chance

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