Where to Find Clear Gemstone in Core Keeper

Core Keeper is all about exploring dungeons to encounter creatures and treasures. Crafting hence plays a huge role here, tasking players to combine various materials to create powerful items. The following guide will show players where to find Clear Gemstone for their crafting needs in Core Keeper.

Where to find the Clear Gemstone in Core Keeper

Clear Gemstone only spawns in a single, small chamber, that players must spend time to find in the dungeon. The chamber features a lonely chest in its center that contains Clear Gemstones.

Since finding the chamber is not always guaranteed, players will need to be patient in their search.

You can search for the chamber in any biome, and some lucky players will find them easier because of how Core Keeper randomizes maps for everyone. The rest of them though will have to rely on their exploration skills.

That being said, gameplay data accumulated from regular players point out that Clear Gemstone has a larger probability to spawn in The Forgotten Ruins. You should hence head there first to find the small chamber.

What to Craft with the Clear Gemstone in Core Keeper

Clear Gemstone is one of the rarest items in the game and a necessary ingredient in crafting the Rune Song sword, the most powerful weapon a player can find in Core Keeper.

To craft the Rune Song sword, players will also need to find a Broken Handle, a Chipped Blade, 50 Iron Bars, and 10 Ancient Gemstones. Not to forget that players will have to purchase the Rune Parchment from a merchant for 2000 coins.

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