Where To Find The Chipped Blade In Core Keeper

The Chipped Blade is a crafting material used to make one of the most powerful weapons in Core Keeper. Here is how you can get it.

The Chipped Blade is an important material in Core Keeper, needed to craft one of the most powerful swords.

This resource is used to rebuild the Rune Song, one of the greatest weapons in the game. This sword not only increases your maximum health and restores it with each hit, but it also has a 15% chance of immediately killing any target with lesser health than you.

Let’s go through where to find and how to use this weapon in Core Keeper.

Chipped Blade Location in Core Keeper

The Chipped Blade can be found at a temple in Azeos’ Wilderness. The entrance is located within a circular room surrounded by grass, and it connects to a smaller room within. This region holds important secrets, and its entrance resembles the Core’s marks, implying a connection.

Once you enter, look for the wall glowing blue; click on the wall, and you will come across the door to enter the wilderness. Use Glow Tulips to unlock the door; you will find pedestals and boxes inside. One of the boxes contains a Chipped Blade.

How to use the Chipped Blade?

Reassembling the Rune Song will take some time. You’ll need to locate the Rune Parchment workbench and obtain the items listed below:

  • Broken Handle
  • Chipped Blade
  • Clear Gemstone
  • 10 Ancient Gemstones
  • 50 Iron Bars
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