Where to Find Chipped Blade in Core Keeper

You’ll need the Chipped Blade as one important material to craft one of the most powerful swords in Core Keeper. The following guide will show you how to find the chipped blade in Core Keeper to help you craft the amazing weapon.

Where to Find the Chipped Blade in Core Keeper

The Chipped Blade can be found at a temple in Azeos’ Wilderness. The entrance is located within a circular room surrounded by grass, and it connects to a smaller room within.

This grassy region contains a unique stone door that holds an important secret. The entrance has a striking resemblance to the Core’s marks, implying a connection.

Glow Tulips can be used to unlock these doors. You must first have one in your quick bar before clicking on it. The wall you will be trying to break through will begin to glow blue.

The door will open once you click on the wall. Various pedestals and boxes can be found within. One of them will contain the Chipped Blade.

Some might say that the Chipped Blade is not useful. However, the description of Chipped Bade suggests that it is. This is one part of a long-lost weapon that can be used to rebuild the Rune Song, one of the greatest weapons in Core Keeper.

Rune Song not only increases your maximum health and restores it with each hit, but it also has a 15% chance of immediately killing any target with lesser health than you.

How to use the Chipped Blade to make Rune Song

Reassembling the Rune Song will take some time. You’ll need to locate the Rune Parchment workbench and obtain the items listed below:

  • Broken Handle
  • Chipped Blade
  • Clear Gemstone
  • 10 Ancient Gemstones
  • 50 Iron Bars

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