Can You Compare Shop Items In Elden Ring?

Players miss one feature in Elden Ring a lot and that is comparing shop items with your inventory. There are however, certain things you can do.

In Elden Ring, you are privileged to shop for your favorite items by visiting shops and merchants in The Lands Between. To purchase these items, however, you first need to farm a lot of Runes. Farming Runes is many times, not a problem as the progression of the game will automatically take you to places where you can earn a lot of them starting from the Varre questline.

Items you shop, then help you in different quests, to survive different hardships of the Open world including your combats with monsters. All the items you purchase therefore must be chosen after a great observation. Want to know the trick behind making the right purchases? Here is a complete guide for you;

So Can You Compare Shop Items Directly in Elden Ring?

Unfortunately, in Elden Ring, you cannot compare different armor sets available for purchase as you shop. This leads to great chaos, as many times players end up making wrong decisions. While comparing stats is not a hard thing, however, many of us spend Runes on the item with the highest value thinking it will be best, but in reality, this is not how it works.

What Should We Do Then?

Elden Ring, though has no such feature that allows us to compare shop items to make the best purchase however we can still do some things from our end making sure that we make the right decision. This way, we spend Runes in the right way by purchasing items that genuinely support our later gameplay.

Whenever going to shop, first make a list of all the items you want and also have a clear stance in your mind that why you want these items and how are they going to aid your Elden Ring journey lately. This way, as you enter the shop, instead of looking at different items and getting tempted, you will stay focused and chances to waste Runes will be reduced.

Also, when making a purchase, keep in mind the additional cost that will come with that item, instead of just focusing on the item cost otherwise you will end up destroying your budget soon. Thus, keeping in mind the budget look for price per unit, and then make purchases.

Also, don’t be greedy and plan your shopping in a way that you can buy more. Quality is of no use if those items aren’t for your playing style, therefore, purchase items that are of high quality. For this, you can also consult our best weapons guide.

Another very important thing is, don’t get fooled by the price labels. Most of the time, in Elden Ring, items with high prices are not worth purchasing, so go with your mind all made up for what you want to buy with a list in your hand.