Code Vein Leveling Up Guide – Quick Leveling Tips, Stats Scaling, Using Code Base

To be able to fight tougher enemies in Code Vein you need to keep your stats updated as well besides your gear and that is where leveling up comes in. This guide will tell you how to level up, where to invest your Haze and how you can get the most out of each level up.

Code Vein Leveling

Leveling up your character is just a matter of resting at any checkpoint called Mistles. Resting there will recover your health, refill your healing items and with the disadvantage of respawning enemies.

You have to choose Level Up option from the menu that comes up when you rest at a Mistle.

Now comes the part where you have to pay for leveling up because everything has a price and the currency you need here is Haze, the more you have of this stuff the more you can level.

Just keep pressing right on that d-pad of yours to increase the level. In case you are wondering how you would be able to earn Haze; don’t worry we have got you covered there as well. Just read ahead!

Getting Haze

First, a little introduction of Haze which the main currency used in the game for most the stuff. You can earn haze by killing enemies, by finding lost shards upon using those you get a specific amount of Haze, by selling extra gear, etc.


You can get the Mercury blood Code early in the game by using the Survivor Vestige II which you can find in the Ashen Cave, through which you can get a gift called Revenant’s Hunger which helps increase the amount of Haze received when you kill enemies.

You can also explore the area known as Depths which you can visit if you talk to Davis. This is the best place for grinding out Haze being the most combat-focused areas that we know of.

Recovering Lost Haze
When you die, you lose all your Haze, but you can recover it in the following ways:

  1. Going back to where you died and pick it up again.
  2. Go to the Home Base then to the Hot Spring and select the option of recovering half of the lost Haze from the menu which will, well recover half your haze. This is kind of a trade off but if you have a reason to not go back to where you died, then this is a pretty good option.

Utilizing the Code Base

Every Code in the game is associated with a stat bonus, so it is very important to keep these in mind while building our character. Stats are normally denoted by a Letter like grade which tell how good our stats are.

A Code with high stats will increase the strength of a powerful weapon even more and better stats mean more damage. Slower weapons are focused more on strength and vice versa.

Weapons also use Strength and Dexterity so more stats in strength and dexterity mean that these weapons will deal more damage.

In the same way, mind stats increase how effective your Gifts will be. Higher stats correspond to higher damage form the offensive Gifts which means that your default stats depend upon your Code and your weapon’s stats tell us how much scaled damage is increased.

Blood Veils

Resistance to damage is regulated by Blood Veils, these can be thought of like armor. They are scaled with your code according to the stats.

They increase the effectiveness of the gifts you have along with having an impact on drain speed. Ichor is consumed when you use a gift which you refill by using draining attacks, backstabs, and parries.

Gifts have different kinds and are classified as light or dark on the basis of stats.

A higher mind stat corresponds to how effective the light gifts are along with stamina and speed of Drain Attacks and in the same way on the use of a higher willpower stats we can work with dark gifts, which also deal with elemental damage resistance.

Vitality and Fortitude

Vitality deals with health and physical damage taken while fortitude deals with stamina and elemental resistance. You may have noticed that these stats overlap with each other based on their usage.

This is because when you increase these stats, on the whole, they give you a scaled bonus from multiple sources.

Every code has four passive slots each which are passive abilities which can be utilized to include bonuses to the stats, making scaling much easier. With this knowledge now when you open the level up screen you would be familiar with the following:

  • Haze Available.
  • (Haze) Needed to Level Up.
  • Blood Code.
  • HP
  • Stamina
  • Ichor
  • Base Mobility.
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Mind
  • Willpower
  • Vitality
  • Fortitude

We also have weapon stats, Blood Veil stats, Defense, and Resistances along with these base stats. You can raise the level of your character by using Haze to increase these stats.

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