How to Parry in Code Vein

This guide focuses on the crucial parry mechanic in Code Vein which lets you deal massive damage to the enemy after momentarily stunning them.

In Code Vein, having a good defense is more important than a good offense but why not combine the two? Instead of simply blocking, you could effectively utilize the Parry to turn your enemies’ attacks against them. If done right, you can deal with some devastating damage on to your attacker. This guide explains the simple method of parrying in Code Vein.

How to Parry in Code Vein

Parrying right before an enemy’s attack lands will help you stagger them. You can do this by pressing the Left Trigger or LT while the attack is coming at you.

If you do it too soon or too late then it’s not going to work. Instead, you’ll end up taking the blunt force of the attack so timing is critical in this.

You can perform different parry types depending on the Blood Veil currently equipped. You can Slash, Pierce or even Drain when performing a Blood Veil Drain Attack.

If the attack lands successfully, you’ll gain Ichor which can be useful for other attacks. That’s pretty much all there is to parrying. Just work on your timing and you’ll nail it!