Code Vein Death Guide – What Is Lost After Dying, Recovering Haze, Hot Spring

Similar to what players might be familiar with games from in the genre, Code Vein also features a death mechanic where you lose certain things in your inventory such as Haze when you die and have to respawn at a nearby checkpoint, or in this case, Mistles. This guide will take you through the journey after your character dies.

Code Vein Death

When you rest at a Misle, your game is automatically saved and this Mistle then acts as your checkpoint you will respawn at when your character dies.

However, even after respawning, you aren’t fully back to the condition you were before your death.

Just like you lose your souls upon death in Dark Souls, you lose Haze in Code Vein and have to recover it if you don’t want to lose all that progress you made to acquire it. There are two ways to recover Haze after you respawn in Code Vein:

The first is to go back to where you died and pick it from your dead body.

The second one is to go to the Hot Spring in Home Base and select the option to recover Haze.

This will return you half of the Haze that you lost so while it isn’t everything you lost, something is still better than nothing and this way you don’t have to fight and risk losing everything again if you died at a tough spot.

This is all we currently have on how to recover Haze after your death in Code Vein.

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