How to Farm Haze in Code Vein (Early, Mid, and Late Game Tips)

This Code Vein Guide contains all the information you need to know about farming Haze, the currency used for everything in the game and how to farm it.

Haze is the currency used in Code Vein that can be farmed by defeating enemies. This helps players earn XP, buy materials, and augment their powers. With the use of Haze (and some other unique materials you must collect), you can improve the proficiency and abilities of your Gifts, giving you a greater arsenal of attacks and abilities. But beware, upon dying, you will lose all your Haze.

We walk you through on how to farm haze in Code Vein in early, mid and late game to level up faster skills and proficiencies of your Gifts.

Early Game Haze Farming Tips

Early in the game, you’ll be given access to an area known as the Den of Darkness, where you must look for a chest. This chest can be a little tricky to locate. Look at your map, and you’ll find a large, square-like area. From there, you can either go forward or to the west.

Keep moving forward until the road cleaves in two, and head to a very small area to the left. In this area, you’ll see a chest nestled to the side of the area.

When you approach the chest, a text will appear: “One of the Lost has invaded in search of blood.” If you see this, then you’re in the right place.

What follows is a wave of enemies that are not too powerful but can be challenging. This wave ends with a larger enemy from which you can earn between 4 to 8,000 Haze in one encounter.

Do not open the chest! Leave the area and head back to the Mistle, claim your Haze, and return to this area.

The text will appear once, and you’ll square off with the wave a second time. If you don’t open the chest, enemies will respawn, giving you more opportunities to gain Haze. As you level up, you’ll become increasingly powerful, meaning it’ll become easier to deal with this wave.

Mid and Late-Game Haze Farming Tips

When you’ve got the hang of Code Vein, you can move on to more advanced means of farming haze. Of course the challenge will be greater but you’ll be able to handle it.

First, you’ll require the Revenant’s Hunger for both Mercury and Io. For that, you need to defeat two main bosses in the game and unlock the blood codes for both Mercury and Io.

After that, go and speak to Hermes. You’ll need to find the map called Depths: Town of the Sacrifice from the Dried-up Trenches. You’ll acquire the vestiges for unlocking the Revenant’s Greed from this map.

Once you have both Revenant’s Hunger and Revenant’s Greed at your disposal, your chances of farming more Haze – hence, more XP and more valuable items will be improved.

(Note that these items also include Tungsten, essential for upgrading your weapons to the maximum.)

Now, head to the Provisional Government Center. Here, you’ll just need to run around and kill every soldier you encounter. Take the route that allows you one-on-one face-offs rather than every enemy jumping on you simultaneously.

Killing a white knight will grant you around 19,000 Haze, while a normal soldier is worth 8,000 Haze. Keep moving around, and your Haze balance will be raised by roughly 100,000 in a minute! However, it’ll take more than that if you are at mid-game.

Anyway, if you get killed at some point, you can always head back to the Mistle, rinse and repeat, and farm more and more Haze!

Best Location to Farm Haze In Code Vein

Any area in the late game is perfect to farm Haze quickly. You must note that enemies in the late game drop more Haze, so this is a good chance for you to farm. Use Revenant’s Hunger to increase the amount of Haze dropped.

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