Cities Skylines 2 Electricity And Power Guide

Electricity in Cities Skylines 2 will keep your citizens happy and allow you to earn money.

Electricity is integral to keeping your city running in Cities Skylines 2. You can generate electricity in multiple ways, depending on how much you have leveled up your city.

If you just started with a city, you can find a more efficient way to generate Electricity, like Wind Turbines. When your city starts to develop, you can shift your focus towards the Coal power plants, etc. Remember that providing electricity to the residents will be a sure way to keep them happy.

How Electricity Works in Cities Skylines 2

The first thing you need to do when starting a city is find a feasible power source to generate electricity. You must rely on those built-in power lines to connect them with the grid and then form a network connection that links your City with the Electric Grid.

To do that, access the electricity menu from the panel at the bottom and then select the Electric Cable option. You can also set up underground electric connections if you have road connections.

After that, you can drag the Electric Cable option to multiple areas and set the elevation to -10. Once you do that, you must set up road connections near your power sources, i.e., Coal Power Plant. Then, you will need to use the electric cables to connect the power plant to these underground connections beneath those roads.

This way, electricity will flow through those cables and power all parts of your City in Cities Skylines 2. Achieving milestones will unlock other power sources. These will include Coal Power plants, Gas Powerplant, Geothermal Power Plant, Solar Power Plant, Nuclear Power Plants, Hydroelectric power plants, and Incinerators.


If you have just begun building your city, you can also import Electricity. Like all goods, electricity is also an immaterial good, and you can trade it. This way of generating electricity will be costly. It would be best to consider setting up Wind Turbines to create clean and efficient electricity.

How to connect the power network

To connect Power Networks, you must set up Power sources that will produce enough electricity to power your city. Then, you must install Transformation Stations first in various parts of your city.

After that, connect these stations with power plants using Power Lines. The electricity from the Power Plant will have high voltage, and the Transformation station will turn it into low-voltage electricity.

You can now transfer this power to the city. When you set up a city, you will use power connections and underground cables or Ariel cables to set up a power network. You can deliver electricity from the grid and distribute it through the power network to houses, offices, and all the buildings in your City.

How to export electricity in Cities Skylines 2

To export electricity, there are a few things that you need to ensure. First of all, you are generating more power than your city demands. Second, you have power lines extended to the end of your city. Third, all power lines are connected to the Transformer Station.

To do that, go into the Power menu and select the third option, Transformer Station. Once you have built a Transformer Station, you must choose an electricity production unit. Now, all that needs to be done is to connect these turbines to the Transformer Station using the electric cables.

Finally, you will need to connect the Power Lines already in that area when you start the map with your Transformer Station. These Power Lines will be at the corner of your city areas and coming from neighboring connections.

This way, you can view the Electricity information, which is present in the form of a table on your left side. There, you can see the Electricity Trade option, which will mention the Export options and display the electricity in MW.

You can also export electricity using a Power Plant. However, this method can only be achieved successfully if you have a fully grown city. The Power Plant needs road connections, water, sewage, and skilled employees.

How to Fix Electricity Bottlenecks in Cities Skylines 2

If you suffer from an Electricity Bottleneck issue, that can be easily fixed. Remember that this issue is caused by too much demand for electricity going through one spot, e.g., one street.

Similarly, if you have one Transformer Station in a large part of the city that cannot handle the power generation, it can also lead to an Electricity Bottleneck in that part of your City.

To fix the Electricity Bottleneck, you will need to add more Power Stations near your electricity production source. You can connect these to the Power Stations using the Electric Cables that can divert the flow of electricity moving from one spot.

Moreover, you must add more electricity connections in all parts of your city to provide multiple channels to fix the Electricity Bottleneck in Cities Skylines 2.

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