How To Connect Power Lines In Cities Skylines 2

Let there be light.

Electricity is one of the basic needs of your citizens, and it can be delivered to them once you connect Power lines in Cities Skylines 2. Moreover, electricity is also required for a city to function and to keep its residents happy as well.

The cables that connect power lines are found under the roads and bridges and are in direct contact with sources such as the electric grid. This way, electricity is distributed accordingly to all the sectors of the city in Cities Skylines II.

However, you will often get a message that says, “Power line not Connected.” So, to deal with this problem, you will need to connect the Power lines yourself with the proper sections of the city and deliver power to the area that is in the dark.

How to fix “power line not connected” In Cities Skylines 2

In order to connect power lines, you will need to have some sources that generate electric power. So after you have produced electricity through the power plant, you will require the power lines to transfer it between electricity “zones” and then deliver it to the city.

Then, you can proceed to connect these to the grid. To access that, you will need to open up the electricity construction menu and connect the electricity grid through aerial cables or underground cables, depending on the houses present in that city.

If the power lines are not connected to the Power Plant or the Wind Turbine, then you should set up that connection first. However, you need to keep in mind that connecting the right type of cable will fix the Power Line connection issue.

If you directly connect a Low Voltage Cable to a power line, it won’t work. So connect them to a Transformer Station first and then use the Low Voltage cable to connect the Power line and provide electricity to the citizens in Cities Skyline II.

How to regulate Voltage using Power lines

Once you have connected the Powerlines in Cities Skyline 2, you will also need to regulate the voltage. The Electricity produced will have a High Voltage and needs to be directed to the Transformer Stations present in the city using these Power Lines.

After that, you can use the electric cables to deliver electricity from the Transformer Station to the City. Once the electricity is converted to Low Voltage, it can be transferred to the houses, offices, and zoned buildings present in the city.

Apart from this, if you end up with excess electricity, then that can be stored at the Emergency Battery Stations. This way, if you face any issues at the power plant, then this excess electricity can be used as a substitute to keep the power running through the city.

Similarly, you can also import and export electricity by connecting these Power Lines to outside connections. However, you should level up first and unlock Solar Power Plants in Cities Skylines 2 to produce excessive electricity for that purpose.

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