Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Modes Tips and Strategy Guide

Tips and strategies to dominate all Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer modes.

Call of Duty: Ghosts features a wide range of new and old game modes to engage players in a variety of objective-based and straight battles. This allows players to play their games according to their preferences and play styles.

I will be covering all the game modes that the game has to offer and break down various aspects of each of them along with a few helpful tips to make you better.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Modes Tips and Strategy

Free For All (FFA)
“Every man for himself;” is what defines FFA. Your primary goal in FFA is to score as many kills as possible. Since the spawn system of FFA is completely random and very hard to comprehend at times, you may suffer from a couple of deaths but that will get better eventually.

One of the most viable ways of winning a FFA match is to stick to a certain area and move about the same area; taking out enemies. Have a Motion Sensor lying around to get notified of enemy approach.

In this way, you will be able to get your Killstreaks faster which comes in very handy.


Other than that, you can roam along the edges of the map while keeping an eye on the center. However, you should avoid going toward the center of the map lest you will get flanked. Running with Incog, Guard Dog, and a silenced weapon is highly recommended.

Team Deathmatch (TDM)
Team Deathmatch is known to every FPS player out there. This game mode is sort of like FFA with two teams struggling to get the designated kills before the timer expires. In TDM, a player has more room to travel in the center and take out enemies by flanking them.

You should note that when a team or a player pushes into the enemy’s spawn, the spawns will flip and the enemies will start spawning at your initial spawning point; giving you a good chance of spawn-trapping them.

The basic strategy to find enemies in TDM is to stay a little wayward from your teammates and predict the enemy team’s spawn; failing to do so will get you instant deaths from behind.

Kill Confirmed (KC)
‘Kill Confirmed’ can be considered as a variant of TDM with a little twist. When your teammates or enemies die, they drop a dog tag which you, your teammates, or your dog must retrieve in order to score a point. In the end, the team with the most points wins.

The basic strategy involved in KC is almost identical to that of TDM with you blowing up your cover every now and then to pick up a dog tag. You can also grab a long-ranged weapon and start taking out enemies from a distance; roaming around the map IF your teammates can grab those tags.

Whatever your play style is, it is recommended that you get out and start grabbing tags along with getting maximum kills.

Cranked is widely considered to be the best game mode featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Also known as anti-camper game mode, Cranked is again a variant of TDM.

In Cranked, when a player gets a kill, he/she gets a 30 seconds countdown and he/she must get their next kill within those 30 seconds or they self-explode. This is a really aggressive game mode and does not allow players to camp in a corner, waiting for someone to pass by.

However, getting cranked does not come without benefits. When a player gets cranked, he/she gets a number of perks so as to pick up their next kill easily. While playing Cranked, you need to make sure that the following perks are not in your perks list:

  • Sleight of Hand
  • Quickdraw
  • Reflex
  • Ready Up
  • Marathon
  • Stalker

This is a pretty simple and famous game mode back from the good old Modern Warfare III days. In this game mode, you either spawn as a zombie equipped with a Tactical Insertion/Pistol or as a survivor with Shotgun/9-Bang/IED.

Whenever a survivor is killed, he/she joins the zombie team. Your task is to survive.

Hunted is another new game mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts in which a player spawns with two Throwing Knives and a 9-Bang. The battleground has a lot of Care Package Choppers flying around that drop weapon (with only a single magazine) crates.

You will be able to have only a single Primary Weapon at a time; including picked up from enemies. The basic idea is to use your weapons carefully or get better at Throwing Knives.

Search and Destroy
Yet another game mode that does not require an introduction! Search and Destroy has two sites A and B and it is your duty to either plant a bomb on any of these sites or defend it.

Staying alive and coordinating with your team is the key to winning this game mode. As there is only one life in each round, playing recklessly can lead to the team to a defeat. Planting a bomb at any site starts with 30 seconds timer and defending team must defuse the bomb this time to win the round.

While planting a bomb, some noise is made and anyone lurking around can take you out. You need to make sure that you always have someone to back you up. As for the defenders, when you hear, ‘the bomb has been planted’, it is time to react. You can either rush to the area and get yourself killed or play smart and try to flank the enemy.

Search and Rescue
Search and Rescue is just like Search and Destroy but with a little twist. In this all-new game mode, when a player dies, he/she drops a dog tag and you must obtain it in order to make your kill count. If anyone from the enemy team grabs the tag, they will resurrect their fallen teammate.

Other than that, the whole game plays identically in the same way. The basic strategy in Search and Rescue involves moving in groups of two(s) and three(s) so as to back each other up.

Currently, Search and Destroy is not a part of Public Playlists and only Search and Rescue is available.

Grind can be considered as a combination of KC and Domination. In this game mode, when a player dies, he/she drops a dog tag and you can continue to pick these tags up. However, these tags do not count until you deposit them to any of the two points on a map.

You should also note that it takes 2 seconds to deposit a tag. It is very likely that you come across a few enemies while depositing tags. The number of tags at your disposal is displayed over your head; making you an obvious target. Each time you get killed, you lose a point.

The basic strategy involves picking up a tag and depositing it just as it is picked. The first tag is deposited as soon as you hit the depositing bank.

Domination (DOM)
The primary goal in DOM is to control at least two points out of three; scattered throughout the map. A point is controlled by staying near it. Points A and C are usually at each team’s spawn while B is located in the center.

Usually, everyone tries to go for point B as it gives them the chance of trapping the enemy team in their spawn and grab the victory.

If you ever encounter such a problem, you should try and push the enemies or flank them to capture one of their points and flip the spawns. Being a slayer in this game mode is definitely not required and the primary focus should be on playing objective and helping out your teams.

The final game mode of our guide is Capture the Flag spin-off from previous installments of Call of Duty. In this game mode, both teams have a control point at their base and winning demands you to run into the enemy base point which gets you a score and you are immediately teleported to your base.

This game mode is highly aggressive and it is really very difficult saving your point from enemies especially if they are having ‘Marathon’ and ‘Agility’ considering they only have to run into it.

You need to know that stopping each player from the opposing team is impossible! You need to hold off most of them to give your teammates an edge. As for capturing the point, as I have aforementioned, ‘Agility’ and ‘Marathon’ is a must!

Try having Motion Sensors and IEDs near your point to hold off enemies. As a defender, a Marksman Rifle is recommended for the offensive side, try running with an SMG to flank the enemies and move faster at the same time.

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