Call of Duty: Ghosts Level Up Fast Guide – How to Rank Up Quickly

Call of Duty: Ghosts Level Up Fast tips and tricks to rank up as quickly as possible to unlock all the weapons, attachments and other multiplayer options in the game.

Upon playing Call of Duty: Ghosts for the very first time, you will notice some major changes in the game. For instance, at one point, you may feel like you die quickly in this game than in Black Ops II.

In addition to that, ranking progression is way too slower than its predecessors. Ranking is important as you are awarded with two Squad Points after each rank.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Level Up Fast Tips

In this guide, I will be covering some of the small things that you can do to rank up fast and get ahead of the pack. However, you need to know that none of the weapons, attachments, perks, or kill streaks requires you to level up to a certain level in order to unlock them.

Field Orders

Field Orders a new addition in Call of Duty: Ghosts in which you need to complete a certain Field Order while playing the multiplayer and upon completion of the challenge, you are rewarded a random killstreak via a Care Package.

These Field Orders are not hard to complete and usually involve killing an enemy from behind, killing 2 enemies while crouched, humiliating an enemy, etc. Field Orders can be received by picking up small blue briefcases in the Public Matches.

And in case, you don’t know how a Blue Briefcase is dropped – it is dropped by the top player in the lobby when he/she gets killed.

When a top player in the lobby gets killed, you will be able to pick up the blue briefcase and will be asked to complete the Field Order. However, if you also die before completing the Field Order, you will drop the briefcase for someone else to collect, and it goes on and on until someone completes the Field Order.

So when you complete a Field Order, you awarded with a random kill streak, 200 bonuses XP, and a Squad Point.

Trying out Different Guns

It is always tempting to find a gun that suits your play style and gets you to the top of the Leader board at every Call of Duty game’s launch but trying different guns and getting kills with them completes certain challenges like getting 5 kills with a particular weapon without any attachments.

These challenges are not at all hard to complete and can get you tons of XP to level up fast.

Game Modes

Although getting more kills and playing objective are sure way of ranking up fast but there are certain game modes which can certainly help you out in this regard.

Search & Rescue
Search & Rescue is a new game mode featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts which is a blend of Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed. In this game mode, after you kill an enemy, the fallen soldier drops a dogtag which you need to pick to eliminate the enemy. However, if someone from the enemy team picks up the dogtag, they will resurrect the fallen soldier.

Search & Rescue is a decent game mode that will get you a lot of XP for leveling up.

In this game mode, killing an enemy, picking up your teammates, or enemy teammates’ dogtags get you 250 XP, which is insane. In addition to that, if you plant or defuse the bomb, you will get 500 XP.

However, Search & Rescue requires a lot of patience and many players who like to rush don’t tend to do in this game mode.

Just like Search & Rescue, Cranked is another game mode, which is introduced for the very first time in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Cranked can be described as a TDM variant where after getting a kill, you get a thirty seconds time within which you must get another kill, or you will self-explode.

However, there are certain incentives of being ‘Cranked’ like enhanced movement speed and faster reload times. Cranked is the game mode which always keeps you on your toes and unlike Search & Rescue, you will not have to wait in-between rounds to re-spawn.

You also get bonuses after few kills which give you even more XP.


Keeping an eye on Operations/Challenges let you earn tons of XP while playing your favorite game mode. Completing these Operations is not hard, and it not only gets you bonus XP but you will also get Squad Points and other cool stuff.

Many people don’t pay heed to these Operations even though they are pretty simple like running 5 miles while having Marathon in your Perks list.

These challenges keep on changing every fortnight and all you need to do is to see which of these complement your preferred Loadouts the best and try completing them.

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