Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops is Treyarch’s follow up to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2. That’s how the Publisher Activision does its Call of Duty business. Call of Duty Black Ops is the seventh installment in the Call of Duty series, and third game in the series to be developed by Treyarch.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will be first Call of Duty title set in the Cold War era. Game features extensive Multiplayer with various Maps, Weapons, Killstreaks, Perks, Zombie Mode and introduction of new features like Face Paints, and Cod Points System.

During Singleplayer campaign, player assumes the role of many characters, changing perspectives throughout the story. The playable characters in game have their own unique characteristics, and are special forces operatives conducting black operations behind enemy lines.

Each mission features a series of objectives that are displayed on heads-up display, which also marks the direction and distance towards and from objective by an objective indicator. Call of Duty fans will be familiar with this objective indicator moving over horizontal line indicating the target.

Call of Duty: Black Ops though is first person shooter, but will also allow players to pilor Hind Helicopter and guide friendly troops from SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft. The campaign is full of scripted cinematic moments. Gameplay and visual beauty aside, the story of the game is also one of the plus points of the game.

After the debrief above, if you want intel on how to complete every mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops, you can refer our Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough Guide below. We will update this article on release day, as we just don’t want to spoil the fun. Come back on release day and we will have this guide ready for you.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough

Operation 40
We start with the basics, you will find yourself surrounded by Cops right from the start. So what to do now? Obviously, you need to escape from them. All you need to do is follow the basic instructions and after taking your first kill, leave the bar head to the street up ahead. Cops will keep on shooting at you. So you can either take care of them first completely or the wiser option is too avoid any useless encounter.

Keep on following your teammates along the street, your grenade launching skills should be tested on some police cars (which should not be a problem for you). Head further and you will find a road block up ahead. Again, you don’t need to indulge in any encounter that can be neglected easily. Just follow the teammates up to the car waiting for your exit. Enter the car and drive yourself to safety. This leads to a cutscene.

After the cutscene is over, head towards the building and melee down the enemy found near the radio. Head up further. Once the Convoy is passed, you can take down the 2 soldiers getting off from a truck. Next you will find two more of them coming your way from the stairs. Take them out too. Follow your teammates to the door and as they open the door, kill all the enemies you spot inside. Head right and kill the rest of them.

Leave the building and you will face some more enemies at the stairs. Kill him and get inside the building. Now some shooting awaits as you follow “Woods” in the building.

You can either flank your enemies or just keep moving straight. After you are done with them, Woods will knock out a closed door. Once the door is opened, you need to take down the enemies inside as soon as you can. In the next room too, you will take down “Castro”.

Leave the door and get your ass to a cover as more enemies are coming your way. Kill them and then head back in again. Now you need to take care of “Bowman” as he appears from from the right side. Once the you are clear at the top, Woods will head down and will start shooting at the front door.

You can assist him if you want. Follow Woods and Bowman to the walkway and take cover. You will find an RPG near you. Pick it up as you are going to need it in future (Switch to your pistol before picking up the RPG as you won’t want to loose your primary weapon here).

Take out the truck using RPG to silence it’s gun. Kill them all and don’t worry as you will receive back up before you head into further trouble.

As you move further ahead, you will have to take down an APC firing at you. Use your RPG to destroy it. Keep up your trial with your friends as they head across the sugarcane field. Repel down when asked. No shooting up ahead as you sprint towards the Airplane.

If you are thinking that this will rap up the mission then you are wrong as you need to take the gun in plane’s door and destroy anything you see on the ground.

You can shoot the explosive barrels for large scale damage. After you have dealt with them, next will be a safe landing. Take out the roadblock up ahead and clear the runway for landing. This now raps up your first mission.

Prison break it is. Once the cutscene is over, melee the guard from behind. Since you are in a prison, you won’t have any guns yet so knife is your only weapon till you come out from the prison tunnels. You will see many prisoners fighting with the guards. You can either kill them or just head straight towards the elevator avoiding any extra trouble.

After knifing some of the guards, enter the elevator and reach the upper level. You can have your gun now once you have killed the guard just after you leave the elevator. Now the escapes will push a big door and open it.

They all will be killed once they open it. This indicates that you are going to face some heavy resistance. Immediately take cover behind the cart and as your companions push the cart further, you need to remain in it’s cover and take out any enemies that approach you from both sides.

Keep on following Reznov and you will ultimately reach top of the tower using the stairs. Here your job is to neutralize 3 the firing cannons. You don’t have any RPGs here but an explosive thrower that looks more or less like a catapult.

Use it to destroy all 3 targets. It won’t be surprising if you miss a couple of shots before you get them. So don’t worry and take your time.

Head back down and get the shotgun before heading out through the door. You will encounter some soldiers in the compound. When you are done with them (pick up the dropped Ak-47), head to the building and use it as a cover and shoot through windows.

Head to the upper level and you will find a chopper above you(has been following you). Nail it with the harpoon gun.

Head to the next building and you will find some more soldiers. You can pick Ak-47 with a grenade launcher on your way (if found) and use it to neutralize enemies with ease.

Soon you will hear a security alarm. Sprint forward till you slide past the door before it closes. An enemy soldier above you will greet you, take him down quickly. Deactivate the alarm from the security chamber.

Don’t leave the chamber yet as you can use it for your cover. Or you can get out of the chamber and get a machine gun beside the chamber (highly recommended). Take care rest of the enemies. Head down from the upper level and after neutralizing the enemies. Once you are down, waves of enemies will approach you.

Destroy the vehicles first and then the remnants. Your machine gun will prove handy here. Now annihilate rest of the enemies (keep an eye on the upper levels) as you head along the path.

After you regain consciousness, it’s time for bike riding. Use the bikes to escape. You will encounter enemy bikers along your way. You can shoot them while you drive. After some accelerating action, get onto a truck with a gun. Get hold of it and take the gun.

Now use the gun to destroy any enemies following your trails including a chopper. Next jump onto the train when prompted. No further shooting and this raps up the mission.

This features a pretty long cutscene unveiling the story. Nothing else.

Executive Order
After your vehicle is crashed, pick up your companion on the ground and take it to the safe location. Once he is on his feet, follow your mates to the tunnels with sand bags around.

After some running (Yo may get hurt while you are running but you won’t die) you will encounter some enemies jumping from the sides. You need to be sharp here as they can attack you from any side. Neither be too rushy nor too slow.

On your way along the tunnel (now at the surface) a soldier will pounce upon you. You can get rid of him by pressing the demonstrated key repeatedly. Back on your feet and you will face another bunch of enemies. Eliminate the one on the tower before it can harm you. Then there are flame throwers.

Keep your distance from them. After knocking them out head further and some more enemies to take care of. After crouching under the fallen container, another wave of enemy to your left.

You will ultimately reach a bunker where you can have a good view of the battlefield ahead. Stay in that bunker for a while. Back there you can find a missile launcher.

Use it to take out the yellow marked targets. Head further and climb down the stairs to reach the lower level. After heading out of this tunnel cover yourself behind the sand bags and take out the distant enemies.

As you move along the woods, you will face heavy resistance. Keep your ass covered or you won’t even know that who shot you. While you are on your way to your objective, you and your friends will be knocked out by an enemy attack.

After you regain consciousness, shoot the enemies with the pistol and head to the marked objective through a closed pathway.

Enter the vehicle and use the grenade launcher to get some kills. As the vehicle start moving (driven by someone else) use your binoculars for guided attacks to destroy the tanks. Once you have destroyed all of them, this will conclude the mission with a cutscene.

Pick up a weapon after dealing with Hudson. You will see an enemy troops passing by. Like before, you don’t need to draw their attention at all. Let them pass in peace as you keep your head down. Nothing new for some time till you will be pounced by an enemy. Use the prompted button on the screen to get rid of him.

Then as you move along, you will see enmies climbing down from above. So what you need to do here is take cover and take them out. They can be hard to knock out so make sure that you shoot most of the bullets to the targets in front. Further ahead, another wave of troops. Your strategy remains the same. Wait for them to get past. This time, some of them may spot you so you will have to take them out too.

You mates can prove to be a good support for you. Since you are the protagonist (more susceptible to the enemy fire), Keeping yourself in cover won’t be a bad idea special when your are playing Veteran or Hardened difficulty. So if you are thinking that I am trying to say that you should use your mates as baits, then you are almost right. They won’t die anyway. So you can use them for your own good.

Next, you need to blow up some detonators. Their location will be shown on your screen. You can detonate them from distance so you will have to get to them in order to blow them. And this ain’t going to be easy. After you activated the third detonator, head to Woods and you will find a Launcher their. Use this Launcher to take the tanks down.

Further ahead, you will meet up with rest of your team already taking enemy fire. So head down the hole and provide back up. Again cover your ass till enemy density is reduced to minimum. You can use the two barrels for a surprising attack causing some serious damage to them.

Now you need to get hold of a hill. Here you need to be slow and steady. Wait for the enemies to appear and take them out before you move ahead. The trick Is that it does not matter that how many you kill, it is important that you should take out the ones that are well positioned and cause more trouble then the others. Enter another tunnel up ahead.

You will find a Jeep in the bunker. Get on it. Nope, you are not going to drive it as Woods will and your task now is to take the tanks with the Guided missile launcher. Won’t be that difficult. Once you have destroyed all the tanks. No more action and this act finishes here.

The Defector
Head through the door and use your Shotgun given by Woods to take out the enemy soldiers. Next you will come across a room full of enemy soldiers. Wait till Bowman kills all of them.Clean up rest of the mess and move along.

You need to be careful with civilians as if you shoot them instead of the enemies with your shotgun, you will fail and will have to start from the last checkpoint again. So keep your eyes open. Next you will encounter more enemy soldiers popping up behind a civilian. Let the civilian get passed and then take care of them.

Next you will find enemies below you downstairs. Use your shotgun to take them out. Beware of the Moloove that comes through the window. Use the side wall as cover.

Head down and after killing the last soldiers, you will enter a room. In this room you need to take a soldier that will ambush your from the ceiling (from a hole there). There is another one in the room. Kill him too before it’s too late. Breach some more doors and clean up the enemies inside them. You can also use the Grenade Launcher and your assault rifle for ranged kills.

Head downstairs and after knocking down the door for the same cinematic drill. Move up and rendezvous with Woods and Bowman. It’s a street fight now. Head up the building and use the enemy radio to call a targeted Air strike. After the Air strike, head further either through the streets or you can use the buildings for maximum cover.

Time for another strike in a building where you will encounter a large number of enemy forces across the building. Call your Air strike when the tank appears and cover your ass till the tank is destroyed. You can use another Air strike (After it is restored) to the building across you.

Head up further and you may want to use your shotgun for short range killing. Next you can call another Air strike on the targeted building swarmed with enemy soldiers. Follow Woods and after you get inside, more enemies to deal with. Head up and take down the 2 soldiers. Then shoot through the windows to deal with res of them. Jump down to the first floor.

Next you will end up in a courtyard. Clear the area and enter the building to plant the C4 to the marked point to destroy the Gun. Head to the Helicopter but for the time being you can’t board it and leave the area yet. Which means, you are up for a final fight. Head to the location of Woods as it is the best place for cover.

Try keeping yourself alive and knock down the enemies approaching you real fast. Once they fall back, a tank with soldiers will appear on the scene. In a few moments time, you will be allowed another targeted Air strike. Use it take out the tank. Don’t expose yourself too much as you can be knocked out instantly. Run to the boat when asked. You need to be real quick here is you have only 20 seconds to reach it. Get to the boat and this mission concludes here.

Your main objective in this mission will be too know the extent of Project Nova by interrogating one of Dragovich’s former associates. In the beginning (during interrogation), you will be attacked. Take cover and eliminate the enemies heading your way. Then as the poisonous gas begins to spread, follow Dr. Clarke to the safety before this poisonous gas gets you.

After you climb up the stairs, take down the enemies up front and then in the stairs. Be careful of the soldier to your right window while climbing up the stairs. You can also replace your SMG or double pistols with the shotgun If you want.

Once you are on the roof, you need to jump to the opposite building. After taking one or two soldiers on the roof, sprint your way to the corner and press jump. You will enter a room through a balcony.

After taking the weapons of your choice, move along and you will need to clear out some enemies. They won’t present any trouble. Jump to the rooftops and take out the enemies you encounter there. Be careful of the men in the windows. Take them first. Head down the stairs (twice).

Just ahead, you will face more enemies. Take cover behind the box. Take the ones on the roof first then the rest of them. Next, you will climb down the poll and into the tunnel. No more shooting till you inquire more about the Nova 6.

While climbing down of the metallic shutters, you will have to take down 4 enemy soldiers in slow motion. On the ground you will now that for resistance awaits up ahead.Fall down as enemies hoot you through the windows from front. Take them out first and then move ahead to the balcony to your left.

Once you are in, further ahead after 2 straight kills, look for the one standing above in the room. Head further through the room to the next balcony. A couple of more kills and then the next balcony. Your best gun combination here can be an SMG with shotgun.

Up ahead you can change your weapons once again. If you haven’t grabbed any assault rifle yet then this your chance. You can keep shotgun or Uzi as your secondary weapon.Cover your mate till he opens the door.

Another sprint jump and to the next roof below. Enough of Dr. Clarke as he will be shot by the enemies. After his death, you need to get to the extraction vehicle on the ground. Follow the pathway down the shuttles. Kill some more men down there and this will conclude this act.

Project Nova
You will play as Victor Reznov in this mission. Head to the car down there. After a cutscene, you will find yourself ready to enter the intensified battlefield. You will hear a lot of gunfire. Head straight and you will find some easy targets up along your way. You can find weapons and behind before entering the wooden shelter.

Heavy resistance up ahead. They will come in numbers. So get yourself ready for them. Head for the building and kill the soldiers inside. Upstairs more enemies await. A charged grenade can deal with them. More in the room beside. You can use the grenade again. After dealing with them, head down. Use your Mortar attacks when you are prompted to.

Next you will receive heavy fire specially from the machine gun. Choose the path to your left and hold the area where you can have a clear look to the machine gunner and some more soldiers.

Clear them and before entering the next building, blow up the red barrels and the ones in the windows. Enter the building and easy kills for. Shoot through the windows now to kill all of them down there. After breaching the door, you will be out in the open again which also means that more enemies.

Take out the machine gunner and the rest of them and choose the pathway along left. You will find another machine gunner shooting at you from the far off roof. Avoid him and keep on moving left. Kill the soldiers in the room and head inside it.

You can shoot the machine gunner from here. More enemies will head your way. So shoot them and head further. Into a building again. Climb up the stairs and take the ones behind the cover first and then the others. Further ahead, you will find Stiener. Take him back and your next objective will be to secure German weapons.

After the cutscene, you will be attacked by enemies. Your objective now will be to escape from the ship. Take cover and shoot as many as possible. Then move up ahead slowly as there can be more of them hiding.

Once you have planted the explosive to destroy the ship, you will have 2 minutes to get off the ship. So hurry up. You don’t need too kill everyone you encounter. Only shoo the ones who will cause you damage. Hump off the ship and this raps up this mission.

Victor Charlie
Back to Vietnam. Get to the surface and shoot the enemies in front using the hostage. Head to the land and as kill the enemies on your way while you follow Woods. Swim through water. Take out the enemy on the boat with a ruthless melee attack. Remember, no gunfire here.

After talking with Woods is over, swim through the water. And after reaching the first platform, swim down the water to plant the C4 explosive. Follow Woods (and be patient as you need to remain silent).

Kill the one in the room with a melee. Next you need to plant another explosive beneath water. Next is the village. After the detonation, you are weapons free.

As you move further, lots of enemies to shoot. You need to be sharp here or they can knock you out. Head futher ahead and choose the path behind the right side cottages to flank the enemies. Beware of the enemies shooting at you from the right.

Then you need to take down a machine gun shooting at your at the other side of the water. Take the launcher and shoot it.

After you have dealt with it, more enemies will attack you from a cottage. Take them out and enter the cottage. Another Machine gun with more enemies. Take them out and then head to the next cottage. Further ahead will be a tunnel you need to enter.

Turn on your flash light. Follow swift through the tunnel till he gets killed. The tunnel leads to a room having some enemies. Kill them quickly or they won’t hesitate to shoot you. Move the crates with Reznov.

Follow Reznov first till he gets he gets his first kill. Then it will be your turn to lead the way. Move steadily and you will encounter straight targets. If you move too recklessly, they can melee you down.

After Reznov investigate the area, open the door and crawl your way out. Woods will be there to pick you up. This raps the mission here.

Crash Site
Head to the boat You are the driver this time. You can use the control keys to drive the boat. You can also shoot at enemies while handling the boat. So don’t hesitate to.

Take out the marked cars on either side of you. Turn back and you need to repeat the same drill till a larger white boat hits you. Take it down. Be careful while dealing with this boat as it can finish you when it hits you.

Keep on driving (no enemies) till you hot the shore. Follow Woods’ lead. Enemies will charge your way. Use your shotgun to deal with them. Move along and you will encounter enemy forces at regular intervals. Be care of the snipers up in the trees.

After the enemy choppers are down, take cover behind the stone and shoot enemies up front. Another sniper in the tree ahead. Shoot him before he takes you out. Get into the crashed plane using it’s wing. No sign of Nova 6 but something is wrong.

Anyways, head up ahead and grab that sniper. After you kill some enemy soldiers on the ground, you will be shot by enemy choppers and then ultimately get captured by them. This will rap up “Crash Site”

Take off the plane and your next objective will be to guide the team to the safe lactation. Use arrow keys to move the screen and space to point the location.

First guide them to the safe house. Some enemies will still enter the room, take them out. Back to the guiding screen. There are 2 enemy units outside the building. Order the team to take them out. Your cross will turn red on enemies.

Guide the team to the barracks and after ordering for the breach, you will be back to the ground. Take the enemies inside the barracks and then plant the explosive at the designated spot which will shut down the communication link.

Back to the guiding screen again. Guide the team to the next point. Cutscene and when you get back, you will find yourself prone and enemy units patrolling around you.

Follow the lead and you will be attacked by a dog. Quickly tap the flashed button to get rid of it. Or you can switch to your other weapon and kill it before it gets to you.

Follow Weaver, and n next you need to rappel down. It can be tricky for you. So don’t worry as there is a high probability that you will fall down in your first attempt. Repel down for the second time but this time around it’s more fun and ends with a slow motioned entry through the window.

Climb down the stairs and when you encounter enemies this time, keep it calm. Use your Bow for the quite kills or alternatively you can go for the savage way which will trigger the alarm (most probable) and enemies will attack you.

Take care of them and follow Weaver to a door where you will be asked to shoot the hinges. So shoot them to open the door. After breaching the doors, more enemies to kill.

Take cover and kill some them below you. Then head down the stairs and remain in cover with Weaver. Take the rest of them out and be careful as you will also be attacked form above.

So keep an eye there too. Head out and you will be shot from an anonymous location. Jump and start running. Jump off the ledge and try not to hit any wall before you land.

Back on your feet again and start following your lead. Just up ahead will be enemy forces. Take out the first 2 quickly. Then head back to the house and take out some more.

Head to the right side of the course for cover. You will be attacked by an MG suddenly. So keep yourself in cover for as long as you can. Don’t bother to shoot the machine gunner and run towards the house left of the course.

After you have examined the control room (Stiener’s not there), you will have 2 minutes to get out of there. This can be tricky. Keep yourself left to the course and you will face less resistance, leave that area and grab that vehicle ahead.

Use the machine gun of the car till Weaver starts the car wrapping up this mission.

Take the gun and quickly shoot down the 2 guards sitting upfront. Now escape time. Pick up the gun and follow Woods. Some guards will be waiting up ahead. Take cover behind the box and take them out. You will light enemy resistance at each tunnel opening or fork. Finally, kill the person(who killed Bowman) trying to escape.

Get that chopper and get flying. You will control the guns and the acceleration of the plane. You don’t need to adjust the height. Just focus your aim and knock out some choppers and some A.A. on the ground. You can fall back if you are recieveing heavy fire. After some air combat, you will land to Kravchenko’s compound.

You heard Woods? He said,” Lets do this.” Shoot the enemies up ahead. Beware of the flame thrower and the rockets. Use the barrels for explosion to cause the maximum damage. Release Reznov and then get going. First wave of enemy after that will be dense. So don’t go far ahead. Stay behind the stairs and after killing a dozen or so, move to the next stairs. Open the door, and you will be attacked by Kravchenko. A cutscene and this will wrap up this mission. A small one.

Now it’s Stiener’s turn to go down. Once you are on ship, melee the first kill. You will get a blade hammer. Now you need to be stealthy and just follow Reznov’s instructions. Climb the first stairs and you will have to pull down a guard who peaks at you. Quickly press the flashed button to pull him down.

Now follow Reznov and lift the lid. Shoot the two gards and get down. You are free to shoo from now on as you will be attacked by numbers. Here you need to use the SMG pretty fast as you will be attacked from left and right. So carefully move ahead. Head to the left side, clear the area and you will see more enemies shooting at you from the front.

Head further and you will enter a circular room. Shoot the enemies upfront. Keep an eye to the left above you. One or two will shoot at you from there. They can be difficult to spot at once in the heat of battle. So you need to be sharp here. Next after you enter the room is a cutscene showing the supposed death of Stiener.

Next you will find yourself in a tank. You are in control of the gun. You will face heavy resistance. Focus your shots on enemy. Don’t use the gun blindly as it gets heated quickly. Shoot it in short bursts. Once the tank is destroyed, you will be under the attack of Nova 6 gas, you have a mask this time for your rescue. Use the thermoscope of the gun to locate the enemy through the smoke. Head upstairs and enemies will fire at you from front as well as below you. Shoot them through the windows.

Head up ahead, this time you need to jump the small portion or you will fall down breaking your mask. Head down and just outside the building, you will encounter some enemies. Take care of them. Next you need to take down 2 choppers. Take the RPG and lock your targets. Lock the target before shooting. Move ahead and now from the top of the path leading downwards, shoot the enemies up front. Take down the ones at roof first and then the rest of them. Use the room just up ahead for your cover (after you gave climbed down the path). Shoot the enemies and head along steadily. Enter the next facility and you will take fire from above. Quickly take down both of them.

Head left and a couple if more easy kills waiting for you. Pass through decontamination . A couple of more enemies will on your way through stairs. You will pass through the same patway as earlier with few enemies to kill. A cutscene unrevealing some story.

No big combat in this mission as all you need to do is follow the waypoints and watch the cutscenes revealing the true story. Finally you get the location of broadcasting.

It’s the final act. As the mission begins, you will have visuals of the ship. Begin your assault and take destroy the marked targets on the ship. You will complete a circle around the ship to destroy all the targets. Next a chopper will attack you. Focus your aim at it. Well placed shots can take it down before it does.

After the crash landing at the ship, begins the infiltration. Move further, and intense battle awaits. Kill as many as you can while remaining in cover. Use the Launcher to take out the chopper when asked. Move ahead (you will have enemies all the time shooting at you) and use the launcher to take down another chopper. This chopper can move sideways (upon being targeted) so you need to steady your aim.

Move ahead and more enemies to kill. You need to rendezvous with Weaver below the deck. So use the stairs to reach the deck. Don’t be too hasty as you won’t be allowed to move straight through.

After locating the broadcasting source, your final target is Dragovich as it ends where it started from. You are under water now. Move through the ship. Again, you will be attacked by enemies at each step. S o keep your cool and move along. Be ready to pull the trigger, as you move through the narrow areas of the ship as enemies will pop up suddenly. So expect enemy at each corner of the ship.

Also beware of the enemies with “Last Stand” ability before the control room. Deactivate the broadcast and then choke Dragovich to death. This is it. Your final action of the campaign.

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