BO3 Zombies: Der Eisendrache Easter Egg Guide

Get ready for the long haul.

Der Eisendrache has another massive easter egg for you to complete which spans across multiple steps. Most of them, though, are pretty easy to do solo in Black Ops 3 Zombies. That being said, we will still recommend bringing a complete team because the extra help will always come in handy.

Did You Know

Der Eisendrache has a hidden achievement called “My Brother’s Keeper” that does not appear in the list.

Do note that some of the steps below can be completed in any order. We have covered them in the order of maximum convenience.

Step #1: Activate the Pyramid

Once you have successfully turned on the power, you need to head over to the Undercroft area right next to the pyramid with candles and various symbols. Once you get there, all you need to do is stand on each of the 4 blue squares until each one lights up and you acquire the zero-gravity effect.

activating the pyramid

Step #2: Wallrunning in Pyramid Area

After acquiring zero gravity from the previous steps, run around the wall and step on all 4 to teleport to the past. Once this is done, interact with the teleporter nearby to transform your melee into a plunger.

wall running the pyramid

Step #3: Build the Pack-a-Punch Machine

You need to teleport various PaP pieces scattered across Der Eisendrache to build the machine. We have a handy guide here to explain the entire process.


We recommend PaP’ing a few weapons for the final boss fight later in the steps.

pack a punch machine

Step #4: Get the Wrath of the Ancients

To acquire the Wrath of the Ancients Wonder Weapon, also known as the Elemental Bow, you need to feed 3 stone dragons by killing zombies in their vicinity. Once done, head over to the knight’s tomb to acquire the bow.

Step #5: Upgrade the Wrath of the Ancients

The Wrath of the Ancients can be upgraded into four different variations: lightning, fire, wolf, and shadow. Each variation requires you to complete additional objectives with the main bow. Suffice to say, upgrading the Wrath of the Ancients is going to take a while.

Step #6: Build the Ragnarok DG-4

You now need to build a second wonder weapon to complete the Der Eisendrache easter egg in BO3 Zombies. The Ragnarok DG-4 is similar to the Gravity Spikes which serves the role of a specialist ability. You need to acquire 3 components and take them to a crafting station to build the weapon.

Step #7: Activate the Clock Terminal

You need to place the Ragnarok DG4 directly behind the clock and wait until 09:35. After this, you need to activate the terminal located on the right-hand side of the Clock Tower entrance which will trigger a lightning sequence.

This will unlock an audio cue and another ball at the top of the pyramid. The next three steps that follow must be completed in the same round.

easter egg steps the clock

Step #8: Find the Wisps

Before doing this easter egg step, you need to ensure that you have upgraded your bow in Der Eisendrache.

You need to head over to the teleporter and shoot the prongs/orbs at the very top until you see them turn gold.

After, this you will hear a weird Margwa growling sound, which indicates that you must now shoot the Wisps. You need to shoot all 4 sparkling Wisps scattered across the map – refer below to check their possible locations:

  • Car tire near the Double-Tap
  • A telephone near the initial spawn point
  • Inside the room above the Double-Tap
  • Globe inside the room next to Sam’s room
  • A telephone near the Power Switch
  • Radio in the corner opposite Speed Cola
  • The clock over the command center
  • The clock inside the hall near the clock tower
  • On a table next to the Spawn room


You need to shoot the 4 Wisps in a specific time limit, which is why we recommend bringing in teammates for this step.

You also need to ensure that you do all this before the round ends.

Step #9: Travel to the Past

After shooting the Wisps, you will see that the light on the bottom of the teleporter in the Undercroft will turn purple. You need to head back to the teleporter, step into it, and time-travel into the past.


If you are bringing in a team, all of the members must step into the teleporter to proceed to the next step.

Whilst in the past; you need to remember the vault code that the doctor inserts into the safe and pick up the blue fuse as well as both the Soul Canisters to proceed ahead.


The order of the symbols inside the safe changes in each gameplay.

Step #10: Activate the Death Ray trap

You need to carry the blue fuse from the past and insert it into the Death Ray trap (on the side of the machine). Then use the switch to activate the terminal near the Rocket Launch Pad and Bell Tower.

Once again, make sure that you do not end the round, head to the terminal outside the Bell Tower, and enter the code from the past.

Doing so will open up Groph’s vault nearby in the teleporter room, allowing you to acquire a couple of Tesla Coils and a floppy disk. You need to insert these coils inside the machines near the Death Ray trap followed by activating it – i.e. setting it to Destroy. 

Step #11: Complete the Simon Says mini-game

After supercharging the Death Ray, you need to insert the floppy disk into the computer terminal. Doing so will start a mini-game called Simon Says which you need to play and win in order to proceed further. Do note that you need to do this twice – once near the Rocket Launch Pad and once near the Bell Tower.


If you fail the second game, you will have to redo both of them to proceed.

Winning the game is fairly simple and will bring you almost to the end of the Der Eisendrache easter egg questline. There will be five monitors displaying a bunch of symbols. You have to remember which screen showed which symbol, and then choose the corresponding screen when the one in the center displays the same symbol.

Step #12: – Dempsey’s Pod and the Keeper Rituals

Once again, head over to the Death Ray trap and activate it which will shoot down Dempsey’s Pod outside the control center.

At this point, you need to shoot the wisps once again (as mentioned above), head back into the past, open up box 935, and pick up the keeper’s tablet from there. After this, get a golden rod (Vril Generator) from the crash site.


Do wait a few seconds for the box to open, it gets delayed sometimes.

You need to place the keeper’s tablet near the Double-Tap and the golden rod (Vril Generator) in the slot near the knight’s tomb. Once done, you need to stand in each of the ritual circles shown by the keeper and use the right color-coded upgraded bow to charge the circles by eliminating zombies in close vicinity.


If you are not using the right bow or forgot to go back in time to collect the stone panel, the keeper might glitch out and act unexpectedly. If the keeper is not moving or is not collecting the souls, chances are either you skipped an important step or your game is glitched. If it is the latter case, you will have to restart the whole Der Eisendrache Easter Egg.

Step #13: The final boss fight

To get teleported to the boss arena, you need to place the soul canisters in the pyramid room. After this place your Ragnarok DG-4 on one or all of the pressure plates (depending on whether you are playing solo or with a team). Do so successfully and you will be teleported to the final boss arena.

To defeat the final boss fight, you simply need to avoid his attacks by continuously running around in circles. As soon as you see him preparing to launch a lightning attack, use your Ragnarok DG-4 and take cover behind one of the pillars to avoid getting killed by the lightning.

If done correctly, the boss’s chest will open up allowing you to deal as much damage with the upgraded bows as possible. Rinse and repeat until the boss falls.

Step #14: Use the Summoning Key

After being teleported back to the pyramid room, acquire the summoning key from near the pyramid and insert it inside the Bell Tower terminal, and congratulations – you have blown the Moon up – Achievement Unlocked! All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the cutscene.

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