BO3 Zombies Der Eisendrache: Ancient Bow Upgrades Guide

Upgrade based on your favorite elements.

The Wrath of the Ancient bow is a powerful Wonder Weapon in Der Eisendrache that can be further upgraded into four elemental variations.

It has an ammunition capacity of 60 arrows that can also be charged before firing by holding the trigger button. A charged arrow does the same damage as a direct hit with an uncharged shot, but the damage radius is reduced. A charged shot explodes upon impact, extending its damage to zombies nearby as well.

The explosion does not affect the user which makes the bow much more efficient. Also, while using the bow, the melee attack is replaced with the stabbing action of the arrow instead of using a knife.

To find the Wrath of the Ancient bow, you need to find 3 stone dragons on the Der Eisendrache map and continue to kill the zombies in the nearby area until the stone dragons come alive (hinted by little serpents filling up and an audio clue).

Once you have done so with all 3 stone dragons, you need to head over to the Knight’s Tomb and acquire the bow. It can then be upgraded into four different variants, each with its own specifications.

Each upgraded bow has a unique style to it and varies in its shots as well. The four upgrades are namely, Rune Prison, Storm, Wolf Howl, and Demon Gate.

How to upgrade to the Lightning Bow

The lightning bow, also known as the Kreema’ahm la Ahmahm, is an ancient bow upgrade found on Der Eisendrache in BO3 Zombies. The bow is also nicknamed Storm and shoots blue lightning arrows.

It has an upgraded ammunition capacity of 75 arrows and can shoot single arrows as well as charged arrows. However, doing so takes two arrows instead of one. The shot takes a while to charge and when fired, launches a lightning blow at the zombies in the nearby area.

Step #1: Shoot the Wind Vane

Activate the Death Ray trap then find the wind vane in the nearby area and shoot it which will cause it to drop a purple item. At this point, you need to pick this item up, but make sure to do so once the Death Ray trap has been deactivated.

Step #2: Light the Bonfires

The next thing that you need to do is to light 3 bonfires scattered outside the map. The following section contains the locations of all 3 bonfires on the map:

  • On the right-hand side of the spawn area; over the ledge.
  • On the right-hand side of the Clock Tower; near the Death Ray trap.
  • On the right-hand side of the Rocket Pad area.

Doing so will complete a step in the quest.

Step #3: Stand on the Symbols

Head over to the pyramid area (Undercroft) and use your anti-gravity wall-running skills to step on 5 blue icons across the room without stepping on the ground even once.

Step #4: Charge the Electrical Vases

You will come across 3 electrical vases scattered around the map that you need to charge by killing undead in the close vicinity. Do note that it takes about 6-7 dead zombies to fully charge a vase.

Once you have completely charged a vase, draw out the Wrath of the Ancients, charge an arrow, and bring it close to a vase (without actually firing the arrow) in such a way that the tip of your arrow gets electrified.

After you have done so, head over to one of the burning bonfire locations (mentioned above) and fire the charged arrow at the bonfire. Note that you need to do it three times for all the vases and bonfires. You can find these vases at the following locations:

  • Inside a room on the left-hand-side of the Death Ray trap
  • On the opposite side of the Teleporter Machine in the Rocket Pad area
  • Inside the Clock Tower; in a corner

After all the steps are done, you need to pick up the upgraded bow from near the Death Ray trap and place it on the chest near the large pyramid. Once done, kill about 10-15 undead in the area and you are done.

How to upgrade to the Wolf Bow

The Wolf Bow, also known as Kreeholo lu Kreemasaleet, is another one of the four upgrades to the Wrath of the Ancient in Der Eisendrache. The bow has a beautiful array of colors on its body, starting as greenish yellow in the middle, where the arrow is mounted and rooting out to turn orange at the tips of the bow.

The Wolf bow nicknamed the Wolf Howl can shoot both charged and uncharged shots. A simple shot slows down zombies nearby upon hitting, while a charged shot causes wolves to animate from the point of impact, inflicting damage on a large group of zombies while slowing them down as well.

Step #1: Interact with the Paintings in the right order

Find and interact with a total of 4 paintings around the map. However, do note that you must do so in a specific order. The order of the Paintings is always the same, however their locations in Der Eisendrache might change in your game. The paintings depict the story of a king and that is why it is important to pay attention to the contents of the paintings rather than their locations.

  • Painting 1 – The king sitting on his throne with 2 wolves
  • Painting 2 – The King riding on a horse
  • Painting 3 – Burning battlefield
  • Painting 4 – The Defeated King

Once done, you need to head over to the backside of the pyramid to acquire the quest item. The locations of the paintings are as follows:

  • Inside the Clock Tower
  • Inside the Research Lab
  • Near Samantha’s Room
  • Lower Area of the Clock Tower

Step #2: Shoot the Red Flag

Head over to the Rocket Pad area and look to your upper-right-hand side while facing the rocket to find a red flag. You need to shoot this red flag to pick a skull and complete this step.

Step #3: Feed the Ghostly Wolf

After acquiring the skull, take it to the pyramid room and place it on the chest to summon a ghostly wolf. Once done, you need to follow the ghostly wolf around the map while continuously killing the undead and feeding the wolf to complete this step.

Step #4: Shoot the Wolf Heads

After completely feeding the ghostly wolf, it will stand in front of a wall with a hole above. Now all you need to do is to wall run around the hole in the wall and shoot the wolf heads around the room. If done correctly, a small platform will appear in front of the hole allowing you to stand on it and acquire an arrow from the skeleton.

Finally, you need to take the forged arrow to the chest near the pyramid and kill about 20 undead in the vicinity to fully charge the bow and pick it up.

How to upgrade to the Fire Bow

Another incredible upgrade of the Wrath of the Ancient bow found on Der Eisendrache is the Fire bow, also known as the Kreeaho’ahm nal Ahmhogaroc.

This bow is forged out of the fire and glows as such. Its arches seem to have been cast from magma and the rest of the body including the arrow are like lava frozen at the slope of a volcano. The bow is nicknamed the Demon Gate.

Step #1: Shoot the Red Circle in the Bell Tower

Head over to the first floor of the Bell Tower and shoot an arrow at the red circle on the wall. Doing so will crack the wall and you will be able to pick an upgrade item which will start the quest.

Step #2: Go through the large doors in the Rocket Launch Area

Head over to the Rocket Launch area and wait for the test inside to complete and for the large doors to re-open. Once the doors re-open, head outside and shoot the fire orb with your bow to complete this step and cause 3 ritual circles to appear on the map.

Step #3: Charge the Ritual Circles

Once the ritual circles appear on the map, you need to go mid-air by using the launch pads around the map and fire an arrow on the ritual circles while you are in mid-air to activate them. These ritual circles are located in the following locations:

  • Right next to the Bell Tower
  • In front of the Death Ray
  • In front of the Double Tap

Once done, you need to kill zombies in the close vicinity of these ritual circles to charge them.

Step #4: Shoot the Apothicon Fireplace

After you have charged all 3 ritual circles, head to the Bell Tower from where you picked the upgrade item and interact with the machine to reveal an Apothicon symbol.

Once this is done, you need to find a fireplace with the same Apothicon symbol and shoot it with an arrow to complete this step. You can find the fireplace inside the research lab, Eddie’s room, or inside the room near the Double-Tap.

Step #5: Kill a zombie under the Fireball

Head over to the Death Ray trap where you will find a fire orb floating in the air. All you need to do is to lure a zombie under the fire-orb and kill it with an arrow which will cause the fire-orb to explode and drop a fire arrow.

Similar to all other upgrades, you need to take the fire arrow to the chest near the pyramid, charge it by killing zombies, and pick up the upgraded bow.

How to upgrade to the Shadow Bow

The Shadow Bow, also called the Void Bow, is another ancient upgrade for your consideration in Der Eisendrache. Its standard (uncharged) attack does great damage but you will want the ancient bow for its secondary attack which can potentially wipe out a massive area of all zombies.

The Shadow Bow upgrade creates a purple area of reckoning with every charged shot in BO3 Zombies. Every enemy inside the area is immediately killed afterward. The corpses then release their souls which kill other zombies nearby.

This is a two-part attack that can help you escape an entire horde, so make sure to always have enough ammo for an emergency charged shot.

Step #1: Shoot the Purple Symbol

Head over to the second floor of the courtyard and make your way inside the room before the Wundersphere. Once inside, shoot the purple symbol on the wall with an arrow and pick up the upgrade item right next to the Gobblegum Machine.

Step #2: Pick up the Vase

Head over to the lower level of the Bell Tower and melee-kill a zombie while equipping the Wrath of the Ancients bow. This will cause a vase to pop out of the ground which you need to pick up.

Step #3: Pick up the Skulls

You need to find and pick up all six skulls scattered around the map. The locations of these skulls are as follows:

  • Upper Floor of the Courtyard
  • Next to Double-Tap
  • Next to Mule-Kick
  • Inside Samantha’s Box
  • Inside the Teleporter Area; inside the Sink
  • On the Backside of the Truck

Step #4: Draw the Crawlers

You need to return to the area from where you acquired the vase and draw a total of six crawlers followed by shooting the vase. Once done, you need to head over to the Death Ray trap area and continue to kill zombies and pick up purple items.

After picking up these purple items, you need to head over to knight statues inside the armory and place these items inside each of the knights.

Step #5: Shoot the Symbols

Once again, return to the lower level of the Courtyard and use your ancient bow to shoot the symbols on the floor corresponding to the words that you heard while you were drawing crawlers on the floor.

Once the forged arrow appears, take it to the chest near the pyramid in Der Eisendrache, charge it, and pick up your Shadow ancient bow upgrade in BO3 Zombies.

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