Black Ops 3: Best Weapons In Kino Der Toten

Armed to the teeth.

The fan-favorite Kino der Toten map from Black Ops 1 was remastered for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to include all of the latest weapons and perks. Just as weapons were the main focus for players in the original map, you need to know what the best guns are this time around as well.

Best weapons for Kino Der Toten

Compared to the original map, a lot has changed since its remake. New guns and perks have been added and the old builds players used to make have become obsolete. The list we’ve compiled consists of weapons that are only available on the map.

205 Brecci

Although the 205 Brecci is one of the most annoying weapons in multiplayer, the semi-automatic shotgun truly shines when exploding zombie heads.

A train of zombies would feel like lightwork with the Blast Furnace PaP upgrade on the shotgun as it not only explodes zombies after every five kills but also increases your mag size to 30.

Although it’s a close-medium range weapon, the raw power the weapon provides the 205 Brecci truly deserves to be number 1 on our list.


The second spot for the best weapon goes to the KN-44 assault rifle. The rifle is the perfect balance between ammo capacity and firepower. With the original mag capacity of 30, the rifle truly shines while creating a train of zombies in Kino Der Toten. Simply aim at the heads and start spreading.

Pairing the KN-44 with Speed Cola perk will take it up a notch as you’ll be going through waves of zombies like it’s nothing. If you ever run out of ammo simply head over to its wallbuy and keep on restocking.


No list is complete without an SMG. If you plan on acquiring Mule Kick, having the Vesper as your third weapon will be quite lucrative.

The Vesper is one of the best weapons to have while surviving the higher rounds of Kino Der Toten due its huge ammo clip as well as the fire rate.

The Vesper truly shows its potential in sticky situations. Just start spraying at whatever comes at you. Pairing Double Tap perk with the Infamous PaP upgrade to the Vesper is going to decimate a whole train of zombies with just 60 rounds.

The Vesper can be bought from the wallbuy and has the same ability to restock ammo if you ever get low.


If you plan to go on higher rounds and play it safe, the RPK LMG should do the trick. The LMG comes equipped with a 100-round drum that’ll surely help you clear the first 20 waves with ease with the help of Double Tap and Speed Cola perks.

However, for the higher rounds, the RPK will demand a bit more from players. To successfully wipe out zombies with a single drum, opt to get the Dead Wire Pack-A-Punch upgrade which electrocutes multiple zombies by creating a chain and increases your ammo cap.


If higher rounds are your utmost priority then there’s nothing better than the Thundergun. The Thundergun is one of the weapons that has also been remastered with the original Kino Der Toten map.

As the name suggests, the Thundergun is a special weapon that annihilates hordes of zombies in a single blow. The high-pressure weapon isn’t available on any wallbuys and can only be acquired by getting lucky buying the Mystery Box in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombies.

If you plan on playing solo, there is nothing better compared to the Thundergun. However, we’ve ranked it quite low on our list because only one player can holster this weapon in a team.


Although the MP40 is not a wallbuy gun in Kino Der Toten, it is one of the best weapons to have in the starting rounds. The MP40 has the highest ammo capacity compared to other wallbuy guns and is really good for gathering points for better purchases on the map.

Ray Gun mark 2

The Ray Gun Mark 2 is quite similar to the OG Ray Gun from Black Ops 1. The weapon has the same abilities as the Ray Gun but provides good enough damage to survive the first 20 rounds. However, the damage output starts to deteriorate as the zombies become tougher.

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