Black Ops 3: How To Pack-A-Punch In Kino Der Toten

Use the teleporter to reach the PaP room.

Similar to the other Zombies maps, Kino der Toten has a Pack-a-Punch machine that you need to activate in Black Ops 3. That will allow you to upgrade your weapons, at a cost of course. This is how you increase your damage because the zombie hordes are going to get tougher in the higher rounds.

How to Pack-A-Punch your weapon in Kino Der Toten

After turning on the power in Kino Der Toten, the backstage curtain rises, allowing you to access additional parts of the map, including the Teleporter.

Head inside the Teleporter and hold Square/X to initiate the link to the pad. Once done, run over to the spawn area, and in the center will be a glowing blue pad.

Stand on it and hold Square/X to link it to the mainframe. When done successfully, you’ll notice the wire connecting the Teleporter to the mainframe glowing blue.

Now, head back into the Teleporter and hold Square/X to teleport. This will teleport you into the room that contains the Pack-A-Punch machine.


Note that there is no other way to access this room in Kino Der Toten except by teleporting.

You’ll be teleported into the Pack-A-Punch machine room for a limited period before you are teleported back to the spawn area. You can interact with the Pack-A-Punch machine to Pack-A-Punch your weapon ( this costs 5000 points ) and also “Re-Pack” your weapon ( this costs 2500 points ).

After you’ve done Packing your weapons, simply wait until the Teleporter teleports you back to the spawn. To Pack-A-Punch your weapon again, you will have to connect the Teleporter to the mainframe to access the room.


Sometimes the teleporter will teleport you into a weird version of Samantha’s room from the Pack-A-Punch room for a short period, before teleporting you back to the spawn.

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