Battlefield 6 Maps Might Include Natural Disasters To Inflict Damage

Battlefield 6 maps in multiplayer might apparently include natural disasters like tornados, earthquakes, volcanos, and floods.

A Battlefield leaker by the name of Tom Henderson has gone on record saying that apparently, Battlefield 6 maps in the game’s multiplayer will have natural disasters that can also deal damage to the environment. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for the series.

Battlefield has had great destruction mechanics in multiple games, such as Battlefield 4’s “Levelution” mechanic where there were enormous map features you could destroy to change the way the map worked, such as blowing up a building in Shanghai to collapse it, or breaking a dam to cause enormous rocks to threaten players in the Lancang Dam map.

Weather effects much like the natural disasters that afflicted various maps in other games also aren’t beyond the realm of possibility. Considering the possibility of things like tornados, typhoons, or even earthquakes, there’s no telling what sort of stuff might be included in the game.

We don’t even really know that much about Battlefield 6, so any information about Battlefield 6 maps in multiplayer should also be taken with a grain of salt. However, considering that Battlefield 6 will likely also be on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X when it comes out, there’s no telling what DICE will be able to have the weather effects do.

The tweet Henderson made describing these natural disasters included four different pictures to illustrate his point, which included floods, tornados, erupting volcanos, and what appeared to be the aftermath of an earthquake.

In previous leaks, Henderson said that Battlefield 6 would look like Battlefield 3 on steroids, being set in the 2030s and including drones and a variety of other things, including a mechanic where players could choose what side they fight for, between the United States and Russia.

While, again, we have no official confirmation of any of this, hopefully what Henderson said about Battlefield 6 maps will turn out to be true and be able to change the multiplayer up a great deal. Hopefully DICE will also give out an announcement soon, or even release it this year.

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