New Battlefield 6 Leak Claims Bad Company Destruction, Battle Royale, Mashup Of Past Games

Battlefield 6 has allegedly seen to another leak which not only reiterates a few past claims but also makes one new, massive one.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, an anonymous account claimed to have been in contact with someone close to development. While the contact has been verified by the moderators, the information shared about Battlefield 6 has been not. Hence, players (and fans) are still expected to take everything with a grain of salt.

Battlefield 6 featuring a new battle royale mode appears to be on the table but a free-to-play business model like Call of Duty: Warzone remains to be confirmed. Each match, depending on the game mode, will support up to 128 players as stated before as well and maps like Wake Island, and the highly chaotic Locker and Metro are said to be returning.

Furthermore, Battlefield 6 will feature both large-scale and small-scale destruction events. The former behaving like Battlefield: Bad Company where players will be able to create craters for cover with grenade launchers and explosives. That and unscripted takedowns of buildings, including skyscrapers, which will be moving away from the coined Levolution mechanics where only particular buildings were designed for destruction.

The most important and perhaps crucial claim made though has to be about Battlefield 6 serving as a hub for previous Battlefield games. The idea apparently is to have players join servers from the main menu to exclusively play older installments like Battlefield 1942 but with models and textures taken from newer games. That however does not confirm them to be remasters or remakes. The leaker mentioned Halo: The Master Chief Collection as an analogy to explain the mashup which bundled six games to be a single, integrated experience.

Battlefield 6 has been confirmed for a reveal in spring with a release during the holiday season of 2021. Electronic Arts has teased the multiplayer to be taking full advantage of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to take the action on an “unprecedented” scale.

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