Next-Gen Battlefield 6 Slated For 2021

Battlefield 6 will be utilizing next-generation platforms and a newly enhanced Frostbite engine to push the franchise into a brand new era.

Speaking with IGN in a recent interview, publisher Electronic Arts (EA) confirmed that DICE will soon be shifting focus from Battlefield 5 to deliver the “future” of the first-person shooter franchise in 2021. Speaking with GameSpot as well, EA noted that Battlefield 6 will be “targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-generation platforms” in 2021.

EA also explained the reason behind pushing the franchise ahead. The publishing giant stated that releasing Battlefield 6 in 2020 would not do “justice to the potential of the title” and also “where the new console base is fairly small” right now. Taking into account all of the given statements, Battlefield 6 appears to be exclusive to next-generation platforms, meaning that EA will be skipping a cross-generation release. Hence, until more clarification arrives, the new installment will presumably be in development for only PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

It should be noted that EA has been giving hints about a next-generation exclusivity since last year. “Battlefield is known for being the cutting edge, bleeding edge in digital fidelity and gameplay and multiplayer, and launching into next-generation platforms was going to offer tremendous possibilities of innovation. Launching battlefield in FY2022 is a strong move for us, it offers us stronger room for growth,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson in October 2019.

DICE has reportedly already started work on the next-generation sequel. Last month, a job listing pretty much confirmed a military-centered project in the pipelines. More recently, DICE confirmed that the next chapter of Battlefield 5 will be its last, but the developer will continue to provide support in the form of balance updates and such. The same goes for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 as well and where the Battle on Scarif update will be the last. EA is basically freeing up resources to land all hands on deck for Battlefield 6.

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