Battlefield 2042 will begin its first season “in early June”

Battlefield 2042 will finally receive its first season of content in a few weeks, more than six months after its launch.

While sharing patch notes 4.1 earlier today, developer DICE announced that the first season is “currently set for release in early June”. The developer promised that it will return soon “with a full overview” of what to expect.

The first season was scheduled to go live in early 2022 before being delayed to the summer so that DICE could address the troubled state of the game.

Battlefield 2042 began bleeding players soon after its release. The new installment dipped below a thousand daily concurrent players last month which in turn dipped the average monthly player count below 2,000 concurrent players.

The bleeding stopped with the release of patch 4.0 but with an average monthly player count of around 2,000 players at the time of writing, DICE will have to pull a miracle to bring back players and save Battlefield 2042 from an early death.

Battlefield 2042 has hence remained without any new content since its release. The game was originally announced to feature four seasons with four battle passes in its first year. The first season is expected to introduce a new specialist and new weapons in addition to new content for Battlefield Portal.

The first season will also include map changes for Kaleidoscope and Renewal with potentially more changes waiting to be revealed as part of an ongoing goal to improve the gameplay experience.

Elsewhere, DICE has reportedly begun working on a new Battlefield game that will not repeat the mistakes of Battlefield 2042. Specialists, one of the heavily criticized elements of the game, will possibly be scrapped for the traditional classes. The supported number of players per match will also be dialed back.

The new Battlefield game is said to have entered pre-production with a release taking place in 2024.

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