Battlefield 2042 Map Changes Will Address “Walking Simulator” Complaints

Battlefield 2042 will receive a number of design changes for its maps in a bid to improve the overall gameplay experience.

In a new blog post earlier today, developer DICE stated that player-feedback has highlighted five issues to be responsible for the current problems facing gameplay on the maps: traversal, intensity, line of sight, paths, and cover.

Battlefield 2042 features some of the biggest maps in history, but which feel like a “walking simulator” due to the large distances between objectives. DICE will address those traversal concerns while creating more obstacles for players to hide behind when they are caught inside large, open areas.

The measures being taken to improve line of sight in Battlefield will also “reduce the prevalence of long-range combat” in the long-term, and “reduce wide open spaces” by adding more cover for players to use during skirmishes.

Lastly, the Breakthrough mode has proven to be too chaotic by supporting up to 128 players in addition to a large number of vehicles. DICE is now “reviewing if it makes sense to keep Breakthrough” in its current form or reduce the number of supported players to 64. The developer is also considering to reduce the number of vehicles in the mode to “ensure that their presence is not as overwhelming.”

The aforementioned design changes are now in the works but will not release for all maps at the same time. DICE confirmed that the new design directions have already been implemented in the new, unreleased maps in development. The developer will be updating existing, older maps on a case-by-case basis, starting with Kaleidoscope which will be updated before the first season goes live.

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to receive update 3.3 in the coming days but which has now been delayed to next week. The game will hence remain without weekly missions for another week.

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