Batman: Arkham City Penguin Museum Statue Locations

Breaking statues instead of stealing declarations on this night at the museum.

Penguin Statues are breakables in Batman: Arkham City that are found inside the Museum. All breakables, like Joker Teeth, Tyger Security Cameras, or Demon Seals are part of the Riddler’s Challenge and you need to destroy them all to complete it.

12 Penguins in total are hidden among the exhibits of the Museum. Breaking three statues will complete a challenge, making four challenges in total. Successfully completing each challenge will unlock new concept art.

Breaking these Penguins hardly needs any force so aside from the maneuverability gadgets like the Line Launcher, basic ones like the Batarang and the Batclaw do the trick. Fortunately, you don’t need any specific equipment upgrades either.

You may think that these statues would look out of place but you’d be surprised how often you can miss them even in plain sight. We have listed all the locations so let’s see which ones escaped your sight.

Where to find all Penguin Statues in Batman: Arkham City

Penguin Statue #1
Head inside the Museum and the first room on your right to find your first Penguin Statue in Batman: Arkham City. Jump through the window to enter and it will be near the desk in the back.

Penguin Statue #2
To find the second Penguin Statue, head to the room under the T-Rex statue. Once you’re downstairs, take the first right and it will be next to the window with bats on display.

Penguin Statue #3
In the same Trophy Room, go to the display back right of the T-rex statue. There is a vent on top of it that you can go through to find the Penguin statue on the other side.

Penguin Statue #4
Go down to the very back of the Trophy Room and slide under the fence on your left. The Penguin Statue will be on the right of the dinosaur fossil in the back.

Penguin Statue #5
Requirement: Remote Control Batarang

Take a right from the entrance of Gladiator’s Pit and follow it to the room with three gates. Slide under the left one and grapple up the elevator shaft at the end of the path.

Enter through the broken wall on your left to find the Penguin Statue inside a cage, dangling from the ceiling. Be careful as the electrified fence around the cage can hurt you so use a Remote Control Batarang.

Penguin Statue #6
From where you found the previous statue, take the stairs on your left. It will lead you to the next Penguin Statue in Batman: Arkham City.

Penguin Statue #7
The next Penguin Statue is in the War Room of the Museum. It is on the table before you turn around the corner.

Penguin Statue #8
You will find this Penguin sitting on an exhibit while heading to the Torture Chamber. It is displayed at the end of the hallway after entering through the giant face statue door.

Penguin Statue #9
The Penguin is hiding in the grass under the mammoth statue displayed in the Armory of the Museum.

Penguin Statue #10
The next statue is in the Armory as well. It will be in a broken display case in the corridor right of the mammoth statue.

Penguin Statues #11 and 12
Head inside the Iceberg Lounge and both of the Penguin statues will be standing on the second table to your right.

Note that even though Iceberg Lounge is part of the Museum, it has an independent entrance only from the outside.

Invisible Penguin statue glitch

There is a bug a few players have experienced in Batman: Arkham City where the penguin statue in the Museum displays become invisible. You will be able to aim and shoot Batarangs at it but not see them.

You can sometimes still destroy it by spamming Batarangs or switching to a Remote Batarang.

If the problem persists, standard procedures like reloading an old save, restarting your game, or reinstalling it have helped resolve the problem.

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